Wiz Khalifa, a smokey future?

By Ryan Scerra

March 13th was a monumental day for Pittsburgh rapper, 24, Wiz Khalifa. This day would mark his 10th mixtape release and determine his status amongst his per-famous fan base. Wiz had lost quite a bit of credibility after he released his debut album Rolling Papers. Many criticized him of “selling-out” after he changed his style of music to what many call “pop rap”.

Khalifa is known by his earlier fans as being a “stoner/party rapper”. After his mixtape Kush & Orange Juice was released he had reached his peak in hype. Soon after the release of Kush & Orange Juice, Khalifa was signed to Atlantic Records. Atlantic Records has already received much criticism after the Lupe Fiasco incident. Much of Khalifa’s fan base weren’t pleased with his decision to sign with them due to many reports of the record company forcing signed artists to create “radio worthy” music.

Rolling Papers was a huge hit with the new generation of rap fans. Reaching over a million of copies sold, many would say Khalifa has finally made it big. However, his original fan base was very unhappy with Khalifa’s new album. Many claimed he had given in to the demands of Atlantic Records, making radio friendly songs.

The statement was made that Wiz’s new mixtape, Taylor Allderdice, would decide whether or not he could still produce quality music. It was his test. Fortunately, Mr.Khalifa passed this test.

I have been a Wiz Khalifa fan since his mixtape Prince of the City 2. I understand the quality of music he used to produce. So when I finally downloaded this mixtape and gave it a thorough listen, I was astonished. It was a complete transformation/upgrade from Rolling Papers. It includes stellar production from regular Khalifa producers, Cardo & Sledren and features from big names such as: Juicy J, Smoke DZA, Chevy Woods, and Rick Ross.

He retains to his smoker crowds with songs, California, The Grinder, and Rowland. He discusses his immediate fame and haters with songs Brainstorm, O.N.I.F.C, and Never Been Part 2. While Taylor Allderdice is quite an improvement from Rolling Papers, it still lacks the fire he used to have back before he was unsigned. However, this mixtape provides us loyal Khalifa fans with peace of mind that perhaps there is still hope for good music in the future.

You can listen to my favorite song off the mixtape 

And download the mixtape on Datpiff

This mixtape is a great way to kick off the Spring/Summer seasons. Give it a listen and decide for yourself. Has Wiz passed the test?


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