Social Media: Pros & Cons

By Kelsey Correia

According to, there are positives and negatives to the popular social media websites.  Throughout this posting you’ll read a list of pros and cons of social media.  Here’s the challenge.  Formulate an opinion based on these facts alone.  Put aside all reason why YOU use social media and focus on these points alone. Ready?

The PRO:

          social networking allows its users to reconnect with friends and family while also creating new friendships. 

          Allows creativity to expand to a new medium (example: blogs, games, event invitations)

          Connects people with common interests and allows people to share new ideas around the world.  Also allows people who may be “Shy” , to express themselves over the internet.

          According to a study “60 million Americans received help with major life issues from people in their social networks.”  These life issues include findings new jobs, places to live or buying a car.

          “59% of students with access to the Internet report that they use social networking sites to discuss educational topics including career and college planning and 50% use the sites to talk about school assignments.”

          Social media sites help low-income students become more familiar with computers and technology.  

          Social media has proven to enhance the quality of life and reduces health problems.

          Social helps with social change and gives an alternative to traditional methods of communication.

          Social media is safe for younger children when they implemented age restrictions.  There are also default privacy settings based on age. 

          Sites are expanding from general interest to uses that can benefit society.  Example, sites to help with alcoholism, drug addiction, diseases and weight loss.  These sites allow people to meet other that are going through similar issues.

Now for the CON:

          People spend too much time online and less face-to-face interaction.

          Users are unaware that what they post on social media is public.

          You can be who ever you want to be online.  There is no way to verify who a person is.

          Increases cyberbullying.

          Concerns with security theats and possible viruses.

          Social media can cause personality and brain disorders in children.  Example, inability to have conversations, small attention spans, need for instant gratificationm ADHD, self centered personalities.

          Face-to-face interaction has declined as social media use increases.  People spend less time with each other and more time online.

          False sense of security can cause hacking, leaking sensitive information and viruses.  Creates cybercriminals who gather information about a person for identity theaft.

          Only there to make money.  Social media sites find out peoples interest to sell advertisments. 

Do you think social media is a good tool for society or can it effect us negatively. I believe that it is a good thing.  Social media allows people to stay connected with family and friends.  It also allows people to network with business professionals and potential jobs.  There are ways for people to keep their information private but we just need to learn how.  So, what do you think?


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