Spring Break Lasell Lacrosse

By Will Henry
As the students of Lasell College made their way back onto campus after their Spring Break week was winding down to its last few hours, disappointment began to cast a cloud over the campus signaling that fun time was over and that learning was now the major priority. These students should be glad that they even had a week off because a select group of the students on campus, the men and women’s lacrosse teams had to stay on campus to practice and play games of their sport. They couldn’t go home because of their demanding travel and training schedules.

There were three home games total between each of the two lacrosse teams. The men’s team had one game against Wentworth Institute of Technology while the women had two games against Wellesley College and Colby-Sawyer College.  Each of these games resulted in a win for Lasell. The women won the Wellesley game with a goal with less than thirty seconds remaining, posting a score of 16 to 15. The Colby-Sawyer game was also a close one as Lasell won with a score of 13 to 12. The men’s game wasn’t at all a close one seeing that scoring difference in the final score was nine points. The men won the Wentworth game 16 to 7. Wentworth did score first but once the Lasell offense got going, it seemed to become an unstoppable juggernaut bent on destruction. The Wentworth goalie, Jared Proulx, got rattled too much by the onslaught of shots being taken at him and was removed in the fourth quarter, capping off another victory for Lasell by forcing Wentworth to remove their goalie from the game.

So if you think having to come back from Spring Break and start school up again is tough then you should be considered as a selfish person because you got to have a Spring Break. The Lacrosse players had to forfeit a week of relaxation to continue their season and got no free time at all. The lacrosse players deserve to get a week off after missing Spring Break week.


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