Lasell Day 2012

By Anthony Liberatore

Every spring Lasell College holds Lasell Day.  This day is held for all accepted students and their parents and will be occuring Saturday, March 24th from 10:00am-1:30pm here on campus.

The day features many different events and allows potential students and their families to connect with faculty, coaches, and students.  Beyond meeting members of the Lasell community, there will also be an array of presentations occurring throughout the day.  These presentations will cover topics such as: Lasell College’s Honors program, internships, studying abroad, and the many different majors offered here on campus.  In-depth campus tours will be provided and there will also be various financial aid representatives available for questions related to tuition and other expenses.

I personally experienced Lasell day in Spring of 2008.  I really enjoyed the experience and it actually ended up being my deciding factor in choosing Lasell College.  I was able to go to a variety of presentations, but what stood out the most was the presentation held by the marketing/management department.  Not only was the presentation informative, but it gave me the chance to talk with current students and professors.

With that being said, I’m proud to say that the marketing/management department has asked me to be one of the students speaking during their 2012 Lasell Day presentation.  I will literally be in the opposite position from when I last attended Lasell Day in 2008.

It’s fulfilling to know that I’m one of the individuals that the department wants to promote and introduce to potential undergraduates.

I plan on talking about a number of different topics during my speech, but my main focus is going to be on Lasell’s philosophy of Connected Learning.  Connected Learning has to do with the school’s emphasis on combining what students are learning in the classroom, to the real world.  Lasell Day provides a great opportunity to really establish that philosophy with potential students and their parents.

My speech will consist of dialogue regarding individual and group projects that I’ve completed and exemplify what Connected Learning has meant to me over the past four years.  I will also talk about the most important application of Connected Learning, finding and working at a great internship.  I had a great internship experience last summer and would’ve never had that experience without the help of some of my professors.

I will ultimately conclude my speech by talking about my personal Connected Learning contribution to the campus, the Lasell College Marketing & Management club offered here on campus.  I founded this club along with a couple of other seniors and I’ve taken so much pride on how it has grown throughout my senior year.  The main goal of this club is to provide students with a forum for increasing their marketing and management knowledge through the use of real business world applications.  That goal falls directly in line with Lasell’s philosophy of Connected Learning, which is what Lasell Day is all about.


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