Things to do in the sun

By Stephen Brennan

As we are approaching the end of March and the beginning the weather around Boston has certainly begun to take a turn for the better. The past week we have witnessed all days over 70 degrees. Lasell as a community of people has begun to really come out of their shell and your starting to see a lot more kids outside of their houses doing different activities. But people still ask, what is there to do around Lasell.

When it comes to sporting activities there are several different sports that you could be playing outside in this weather right now. For one, basketball is the perfect sport to be playing in this weather. Grab a group of friends, get a ball, and walk out to the outdoor courts by the campus center and run some pick up games. You could also just grab one friend and get a pair of baseball gloves and get out there and throw the baseball around. You can also walk over to the turf and play some lacrosse or soccer with a group of friends. But the sport that seems to be taking over Lasell is ultimate Frisbee. Frisbee is the perfect sport to play with a group of friends and guarantees a great time.

But if your not into sports, then there are other things that you can do. Looking around Lasell there are a lot of girls tanning outside of their buildings and trying to get that summer color. You could also go on a walk to Shaws or just around Newton, since around this time of year it is absolutely beautiful. There are a lot of things to be done around this time of year, different sports and other activities. But no matter what you do during this time, make sure that you are spending it with your friends.


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