The King of Free Mixtapes

Spitta is building a name for himself as "The King of Free Music"

By Ryan Scerra

We are now in a generation of “mixtape hip hop”. Big Time rappers like Rick Ross and Lupe Fiasco and Underground rappers like Ace Hood are all joining the trend of giving out free music. It used to be rare to see artists giving out their hard work for free. Now, in an age of illegal music pirating, rappers seem to have eased up and are giving out endless amounts of free music. One artist in particular has used this to his advantage more so than others; none other than hip hop artist Curren$y, aka Spitta.

Curren$y, 30, has been in the hip hop industry for over a decade. He first started his rise in fame through mega star, Lil Wayne, after being signed to Cash Money Records. However, Spitta decided Cash Money didn’t suit his style and he split from the multimillion dollar record company.

After splitting from Cash Money, Spitta started pursuing his solo career independently. However, Spitta took a different approach. He decided to build his hype up through releasing dozens of free mixtapes. To this day he has a total of over 20 mixtapes. Each free tape he released was critically acclaimed by his fans. Slowly but surely, Spitta was making it on his own.

The bigger he got the more connections he made. He started his own independent label Jet Life Entertainment consisting of rappers: Smoke DZA, Big Krit, Trademark Da Skydiver, and Young Roddy. This label would start the movement that has made Spitta millions.

After dishing out all his mixtapes, Spitta decided to release his first real solo debut album, Pilot Talk. The album was praised by critics and fans. It was interesting to see Spitta to begin distributing physical albums. Now, in 2012, and 3 albums later, Spitta has continued releasing free music for his fans. Just recently he released the collaboration mixtape The 1st&28 featuring Styles P. He even said in a recent interview with HipHopDX:

“Not yet. Stone Immaculate. Pilot Talk 3, still thinking about how to do that. It might be free. I don’t know. That might just happen. That might be tomorrow morning. Pilot Talk 3 just be available on f******’ Zshare.”

His long awaited third album in the Pilot Talk series, might be released for free, just because Spitta feels like it. This shows and proves Spitta’s superiority in hip hop music. It also shows his constant devotion to fans by giving them the occasional free mixtape/album.

You can follow Spitta on twitter @Currensy_spitta and get updates on his free music and upcoming releases.

Take a look at one of my favorite songs by Spitta and hopefully it will inspire you to delve further into his discography.


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