All Patriots, all the time

By Justyn Loguidice

I know it has been a recent theme in my blogging world, but what can I say? I love sports, and there is no team I am more entranced in my life than the New England Patriots. I feel it would be a crime for humanity (okay not humanity, but for Patriots fans) if I did not offer my opinion. With this being said, here it is.

Last week, I talked about the free agency frenzy in the NFL, and how many teams were capitalizing on players left and right. What I failed to mention in that blog was my favorite team and what they are currently doing. For starters, the Patriots have placed a franchise tag of pro bowl wide receiver Wes Welker. This guarantees that he remains in the red white and blue colors for this year.

From a free agent standpoint, the Patriots have been tremendously active as of late. Recent signings include offensive wide receivers Anthony Gonzalez, Brandon Lloyd, and Donte I ran a man over Stallworth. While one name sticks out of this bunch, they have certainly given Tom terrific some dangerous weapons on the offensive side of the football.

Taking a look at the Defense of the team, they have also made some moves. One of the major signings is Safety Steve Gregory. Gregory is a pro bowl caliber player, and should help provide serious depth on the team. Additions such as Jonathan Fanene and Robert Gallery should also provide much needed depth to a struggling defensive team.

While the Patriots have stayed away from the  media hype of free agency and the Peyton Manning craziness, they have certainly made some key additions. I know that this subject is a moot article to someone who has little interest in football of the Patriots, but if you have a desire for the sport or the team like I do, take a look. I’d love to hear some opinions on what others think of the forthcoming Patriots season.


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