Anticipation for the Hunger Games

By Bryan White

Recently I have been hearing a lot about this movie coming out “The Hunger Games,”  seeing trailers like this set off my curiosity. Now after doing some research, I found out that this isn’t your regular cult drawing movie. “The Hunger Games” was first a book series and will probably follow in the lines of the “Harry Potter” and the “Twilight” following.

Not wanting to see this movie without really knowing what was going on wasn’t an option, the trailer left me wanting more so since the movie wasn’t out yet, I decided I could find the book online and read it, then go along to the movie and see how the two compare. To be honest the Hunger Games was a book I couldn’t put down, the story line is fantastic and makes me even more impatient to see this movie. The plot line is not simple nor relatable to anything other than gladiators.

The story is told in a post apocalyptic world known as Panem (which is where North America used to be) and it is a country that originally had 13 districts (states) but the 13th district tried to start a rebellion and was wiped out by the Capitol of Panem. So to make sure the remaining twelve districts would never try an uprising again the Capitol made the Hunger Games. For the Hunger Games each district must send two “tributes” between the ages of 12-18 to the Hunger Games (One boy and one girl) to fight to the death and be the one remaining (out of 24)  to survive.

“The Hunger Games,” is not what I would usually read to be honest with you, usually when I pick up a book and the narrator/main character is a female I just don’t end up relating and put the book down, but not with this book. Though their is some romance and things of that sort, the book itself is more about adventure and the mysteries in the world of Panem. Its a great book that I couldn’t put down, and that why I can’t wait to get the opportunity to watch it on the big screen.


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