Get work done while enjoying the sun

By Alyssa Lajoie

It’s very obvious that since it’s officially Spring, Mother Nature wants to jump straight to summer.  With the weather this past week reaching a high of almost 90 everyone is itching to get outside.  Of course, for students and even young adults occupied with school and work getting outside isn’t such an option, unless they skip out on their daily tasks.  Well, times are changing and now there are simple ways that you can get outside and enjoy the weather while getting everything you need done, done.

If you’re going to take a break away from your work for lunch, grab it to go!  Grab a few friends and get your food, find a nice spot where you can enjoy yourself, put a blanket down and enjoy the day, or hour you have for lunch.  Picnics aren’t just for little kids you know.

If you’re a bit of a gym rat and need to get your work out in daily, take it outside! Go for a run around your neighbor hood, its probably better for you instead of being inside of a stuffy, sweaty, gym for an hour.  Go for a walk with your dog or even a couple of friends, it does constitute as exercise!  Even if you want to do more of the push-up, sit-up thing and take your work out to the next level, find a nice park or even somewhere in your backyard where there’s enough grass and do it there.

As a student class and homework keep you inside the library, your dorm room and classroom leaving you no time to actually start to enjoy the increasingly warmer and nicer weather.

If you’ve got homework that you need to get done, who says where exactly it has to be done?  Have to read a few chapters from a book?  Have to study and take notes?  There’s no reason none of this can’t be done outside.  Get a chair or even a blanket; find a nice place around campus that you can do your homework.  Even if you have to do work on your computer, you can do it outside.  Who cares if there may be a bit of a glare on the screen, you’re multi-tasking and getting everything you want done all while getting some Vitamin D!

You could even go as far as to asking your teacher to teach class outside.  Of course you may need to know your teacher a bit to know if he or she would allow class to be taught outside, but it’s worth a shot!  I’m sure the teachers would much rather their students be in class rather than skipping class and coming up with some excuse the two of you both know isn’t true.

There really isn’t any other reason that you could think of that you have to be inside on beautiful days like the ones we’ve all been experiencing, so pick your stuff up and head out!


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