Senior stresses, less than 50 days to go

By Amanda Tyler

With graduation less than 50 days away now, many seniors are feeling the stresses of trying to figure out what the next step is for them. Many seniors decide to try to find an entry-level position for their time of graduation. Many seniors go through problems like where to find job opportunities as well as how to follow up with that job opportunity in a professional manner in order to have a better likelihood of receiving a job offer in the end.

There are many resources on the Internet to help current seniors land a job. Sites such as and are sites seniors can use to find companies that are looking for employees. You can search a job title or other key words about a job you are searching for, a location for where you are interested working in or around and a category to help narrow down a search.

These sites also have article databases for tips on anything job related from interview skills to tips on resume and cover letter writing. These two sites can be a very good resource for seniors stressing over finding a job.

These two sites also have a place where you can make an account and create a profile that you can upload your resume to.  This means companies that are looking for certain job specifications can search your resume and contact you if they are interested.

Another thing seniors should think about is following job opportunities on Twitter. There are many different Twitter users such as @Boston_Jobs, @JobsIn_Boston, @BostonJobs as well as other that post job opportunities in a variety of fields in that specific location.

These tips can help seniors in their search to find a job they love. Please comment if you have any other sites that can help seniors find a job in the field of their choice.


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