Social Shopping

By Molly Clarke

Since the dawn of the internet, computers have made it possible for us to do virtually anything from the comfort of our own homes. Online banking allows us to manage our income without having to drive to the bank, social media sites allow us to catch up with friends without physically being around them, and online classes allow you to get a college degree right from your bedroom if you so choose.  

Another popular internet activity is online shopping. Thanks to computers, we can now get practically anything we desire shipped to our homes, just a few clicks of the mouse, credit card numbers and a package is on its way.  Although this method of shopping is certainly convenient, many people are still opting for the real deal.

“Shopping online is okay if you know exactly what you want. But it gets more difficult if you’re just browsing,” said a Lasell College Senior, “Online you don’t get the full experience. I like the surprises that come with shopping in stores, you know, finding things you wouldn’t expect.”

Another student, also a senior, commented, “Sometimes, if I’m not shopping for anything in particular, I just like looking—window shopping. Online it isn’t the same, its not as fun to window shop on a computer.”  

Many people agree with these students. They find there is an element to shopping that you simply don’t get from browsing behind a computer screen. Thankfully, this might not be a problem much longer.  A new trend in social media is slowly catching on with internet users across the globe.  It’s called social shopping.

This new breed of social media allows people to enjoy the perks of window shopping, without actually leaving their homes.  The top five social shopping sites, as named by, are as follows:

  1. Svpply
  2. Pinterest
  3. Modcloth
  4. The Daily Grommet
  5. Wanelo

Using these websites, people can create wishlists, chat about items, and view thousands of unique products in a single space. More of a social experience than a traditional retail site, social shopping has modernized window shopping.  As the trend catches on, more and more social shopping websites are cropping up. With great reviews all around, the growing popularity of this new media seems to indicate that social shopping is here to stay.


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