Summer’s coming. Need a job?

By Abbey Daniel-Green

Whether you are an underclassman or a freshman you are probably looking for something to do when classes end. Summer jobs are not always easy to find, especially today, but if you are interested in a babysitting job is site to visit. is a fully loaded job search website with jobs listed for babysitters, nannying, pet care, housekeeping and tutoring. Upon visiting Sittercity, you first need to make a profile for yourself. Your profile includes bios for the job types you want, for example if you only want pet care and babysitting jobs, you only have to have bios for those care types. Also each care type you create a bio for has a corordinating photo of yourself. Sittercity covers all your bases with a spot for availability on your profile, a tab for tips and tools for finding jobs. There is even a preferred rate section where you can give the range of pay you would like to receive and lastly parents can give you reviews right on your profile.

But what about the jobs? Parents or caregivers post jobs to Sittercity. Each parent or caregiver has a profile of their own that you can look at and usually learn more about the family. What I like best about Sittercity is that the site fully functions on the sitter and parent. When applying for jobs, you are able to message the parent directly, this allows for a quick response time for both the sitter and parent. If you think you are interested now, it just keeps getting better.

My favorite part of Sittercity is that you are able to put your phone number in and when a short notice job is posted a text message is sent to your phone telling you when a parent posted a short notice job. I can personally say that Sittercity is a great website to use to find babysitting jobs because earlier this semester when searching for a part-time job Sittercity is the reason I now have two great babysitting jobs.

So what are you waiting for? Find a job today on


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