Another successful Lasell Day

Anthony Liberatore

For last week’s post, I talked about the the excitement surrounding Lasell College’s Lasell Day which occurred on campus last Saturday, March 24th.  I personally contributed to the day’s activities by giving a speech on behalf of the college’s marketing & management department to admitted students.  The marketing & mangement department always puts on a good presentation, but this year seemed to stand above the rest.

The presentation consisted of seven different speeches.  Four professors and three students spoke, and everyone did such a great job.  I’ve attended events like this in the past and I can honestly say that the audinece seemed more engaged in the department’s presentation than ever before.  Each professor spoke about a different aspect of the marketing and management department, while we, as students, talked about our unique individual experiences.  I personally spoke about various courses that I’ve taken, my internship experience at Full Contact Advertising, and the Lasell College Marekting & Management club.

At the conclusion of the presentation, all of us were asked quite a bit of questions by the audience, which is a good thing.  There is nothing worse than ending a presentation with no audience feedback or questions.  The chair of the department, Dr. Nancy Waldron, did a great job at answering many of the difficult questions posed by the audience.  In terms of our student presentations, we were able to connect with various parents and potential students on a whole different level.  Being able to share your experiences with other individuals who may be looking for those same experiences, is truly rewarding.

A few days after the event, Dr. Waldron forwarded a few other e-mails that she personally received, having to do with the speech I gave.  The messages on those e-mails made me feel very good, as it is nice to be acknowledged when you give a speech that you put a lot of time into.  After reading the messages I spoke with Dr. Waldron, and if everything works out, I should be able to come and speak on behalf of the department for the annual open house event here on campus.

The hope is that by this coming fall I will be happily employed in a full-time job.  This should add a whole new perspective to my presentation, as I will be able to personally tell the audience how Lasell has prepared me for a full-time job in my field.  This will help to make the department look even better and appeal more to prospective students.


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