Growing up

By Bryan White

Over the past few months I’ve realized quite a change in myself. No longer am I the weary freshman who travels into the city to wander about aimlessly trying to find myself. As a sophomore at Lasell I feel like I left that curiosity behind me. Though it’s not like I know exactly who I am or what I want to do, it’s more like I started to find the path I was meant to go down. Freshman year I did what every freshman does, missed some of my friends from home, kept in contact with my parents and looking to find my social standings in a new school. I feel like a lot of that changed very quickly. I think it started at the beginning of the year when I lost a friend that I held dear to me, and that loss made me realize how short life is and how a lot of my decisions would steer me into directions that would mold my life.

It was then that I started thinking about how these four years are really the only time I’ll have to figure myself out before I go into the actual work force and start my career. So I found that partying and things of that sort should start sitting on the back burner if I were to ever really succeed in my goals. Focusing on class work and deciding which friends would help me in the long run and to stop hanging out with those that could potentially lead me astray from these goals. Instead of using my parents and professors as a safety net I have steered away from that and used them as resources instead so that I could get used to the possibility that I may not have that option later and will be more than likely relying on my own resources and capabilities to succeed.

I always get calls or texts every few days from my parents asking whats going on with me and why I haven’t talked to them in awhile and I realize that I haven’t kept in contact with them because of my growing independence, not because I don’t love them or want their help, just because I need to start relying on myself instead of running to my parents every second something hard comes my way. In all I feel like now, in college and in my twenties is the time for me to start becoming the person and career oriented person I want to be, and to do this I feel like self reliance is the first step.


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