By Alyssa Lajoie

Social Media has been a great outlet for public support with just about any topic.  From presidential elections to animal abuse you can find about any cause on Facebook or Twitter

With the recent controversy of 17 year old Trayvon Martin being shot by George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch captain of Martin’s own neighborhood, Facebook and Twitter have been booming with followers and people supporting the cause.

The case has been brought to the media’s attention with the question of whether Zimmerman shot and killed Martin in self-defense or if it was an act of racism.  In many of the news reports it was said that Martin was wearing a hoodie, eating skittles, and drinking an iced tea while walking back to his home when Zimmerman shot him.

Hoodies for Trayvon has been adopted on Facebook and Twitter where people can “like” and “follow” to join the movement to support Trayvon and his family during the investigation of his murder.

On Facebook alone, they have over 8,000 likes on their page and with Twitter having over 18,000 followers, this shows how much social media is being used today to bring controversal topics to our society.  Many students have started wearing their hoodies to school with the hood up as a support mechanism.  On Twitter many people, including celebrities, have encouraged followers to post pictures of themselves with their hoods up as well.

For more information, ABC News has released a timeline of events and updates from February 26th up to March 28th.


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