Is your facebook really private?

By Lindsey Jones

A person’s privacy is only protected by law in four ways, but should there be more laws put in order in the age of social media? This week, several employers have been asking their potential employees for their Facebook passwords, to have full access to their profiles. If refused, it was likely that they would not receive the job. Many people believe that this is a total invasion of privacy, and that a person’s Facebook is their own personal business. Even though law does not protect it, should employers be aloud to have a person’s Facebook login information?

Two U.S. senators are now asking the attorney general to investigate employers asking for Facebook login information. These senators are determined to prove that this is a violation of federal law, and that employers should not be able to request this information. Now, Facebook is fighting back against employers asking for the login information, urging people not to give their information away.

Facebook has now threatened legal action against companies who are asking for people’s login information during interviews. This violates Facebook’s long lasting policy against sharing passwords. Even though law, their age, race, gender and religion, that are all available on a person’s profile, do not protect a person’s Facebook are protected under federal employment law.

“We don’t think employers should be asking prospective employees to provide their passwords because we don’t think it’s the right thing to do. While we do not have any immediate plans to take legal action against any specific employers, we look forward to engaging with policy makers and other stakeholders, to help better safeguard the privacy of our users,” Facebook officials said this week. In the Internet world, it is taboo to share passwords, especially when Facebook has a strong policy against sharing passwords, so employers and companies should not be asking for them.

Even though law does not protect people’s Facebook profiles, they should be. Laws have not been updated to keep up with social media websites, causing many problems. Even though people believe that their profiles should be private, they are not, and for now people need to take measures to know that their information is protected. People need to make sure their privacy settings are up to date and make sure that they are not posting any information that is private and should not be distributed online.


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