Lasell Volleyball Finishes Up

By Will Henry

As the school year at Lasell College starts to come to an end, many people on campus don’t seem to realize that the Men’s Volleyball season is also starting to wind down, just like the school days.

This season for the Men’s volleyball team was a tough one for the players, Head Coach Tom Olson, and Assistant Coach Holly Kee. The team lost two veteran leaders on the court when Micah Aiou and Michael Harrington graduated last year. The team also lost their top kill scorer when would be junior Spencer Parker decided to transfer to UConn at the end of last year. The team faced even more trouble last semester when they lost their top assists leader, Andrew Glenn, mid-way through the semester. When the second semester began, even more trouble was awaiting the team and its coaches. Two of their players, Junior Harry Strobel and freshmen Davonte Johnson, failed academically and were suspended from playing with the team this season because of bad grades. Once all the dust had settled, the Men’s Volleyball Team consisted of only nine players, meaning there would only be three guys on the bench to help relieve the starters and to rotate onto the court for Coach Olson’s play schemes.

Not all hope was lost, however. Even though many of the players thought of this season as a rebuilding year, the team carved out a win loss record of nine and thirteen, which is somewhat impressive since the team this year is mostly made up of first year players under Coach Olson’s tenure, whether they are freshmen or transferstudents. Only three of the volleyball players, Team Captain Alex Mill, Chris Burns, and Matt Dionne, have played under Coach Olson.

Even though this season, might seem to be a step back to most people, the futureof the team next year looks even brighter. The players say that they have many new recruits joining the team next year and are looking forward to having Johnson and Strobel back on the squad. Trust me, there’s light at the end of this dark tunnel.


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