Satellite Club Hotel

By Amanda Tyler

Thursday night I traveled into Boston to go to Hennessy’s found on Union Street. It was a pretty large bar with both an upstairs and downstairs. Live music was played on both floors. Downstairs was free to get into and was pretty packed. Upstairs you had to pay ten dollars to get in but it was a lot less crowded and the live bands change all the time.

On Thursday, at 9:30 a band named Satellite Club Hotel went on.  The band came together in 2011 and originated in Portsmouth N.H. The band is made up of four young men, Ryan Pope on vocals, Dave Arsenault playing guitar as well as backup vocals, Brandon Woods playing bass as well as backup vocals and Mark Quinn playing drums and percussion. Satellite Club Hotel is a mix of fresh rock, classic rock and a unique twist to make it their own. The band states they are inspired and influenced by bands and singers such as, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Pearl Jam, MGMT and more.

I thought the band did a great job performing together. I love the genre of music this band plays and I think it is interesting how they put their own twist on it to make it sound unique. If you like rock music I would definitely recommend seeing more of their shows. They have many shows coming up throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire. For more information on upcoming shows, here you can find their schedule. To hear some of the music for yourself before seeing them live you can find demos on their website as well as on their Facebook page.


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