The return of Ron Burgundy

By Abbey Daniel-Green

Just in case you missed it; last week on Wednesday March 28th, Mr. Ron Burgundy himself made an appearance on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, with a very special announcement to make.

Anchorman Ron Burgundy, played by actor Will Ferrell, made the Action Four News Team proud as he killed it on his jazz flute. Ron played his flute walking down step after step past O’Brien band, leading up to his big reveal. Burgundy proudly stated, “As of 0900 hours mountain time, Paramount Pictures and myself Ronald Joseph Aaron Burgundy have come to terms on a sequel to Anchorman.”

With this announcement members of the Team Coco audience roared with applause, and even with the buzzing crowd Burgundy stayed classy and continued to deliver a hysterical stand up bit. In fine San Diego style Burgundy offered tips to the men he called, “outstanding broadcasters,” and by tips I mean humorously critiquing O’Brien’s appearance and telling Andy, O’Brien’s co-host that “he looks great, don’t change a thing.” So if you weren’t laughing during the flute bit, you were defiantly laughing at Burgundy’s criticism.

The over the top funny performance Burgundy completing was the perfect way to introduce the new film to the perfect audience, using Conan O’Brien’s audience to reveal the new film is a great way to insure, the word will be spread. I believe that Anchorman 2 will definitely be another hit for Paramount Pictures.

Grab your popcorn and get a ticket for the sequel to Anchorman, and in this case milk will not be a bad choice. Get out of your glass case of emotion and get ready to laugh because there is second Anchorman coming to theatres.


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