By Ryan Scerra

Rapper, Ace Hood, 23, is building to his growing reputation in the hip hop industry. On March 30 he released his 11th mixtape titled “Starvation”.

Ace started his rise to fame in 2007 when he met with super star producer DJ Khaled at Florida radio station WEDR 99 Jamz. He met with the producer and Khaled asked him to rap over his famous track

Ace was then signed to the label “We The Best”. He went on to reach huge success and has released three studio albums.

Ace has had a steady career but has never had a huge “blow up” within the hip hop industry. Though rapping with big names such as Rick Ross and Lil Wayne, hood has never really secured a spot with the big timers in the hip hop industry.

With the release of “Starvation”, Ace plans to change that. The mixtape starts out with the inspirational “A Hustler’s Prayer” in which he describes his visions of doing bigger and better things with his rap career. He then gives listeners the usual “Ace Hood” type “hard” song with “I Know” and “We On”.

What makes Ace stand out on this mixtape is how the second half is full of meaningful and thoughtful songs. He talks about his struggles with family, poverty, killed friends, and his daughter.

The song that makes  people realize Ace’s versatility is “Hallucinations”. The final song on the mixtape is a song in which for the first time ever, Ace describes the impact the death of his daughter has had on him. It’s a touching, heartfelt song that many rap fans wouldn’t expect Ace to deliver with.

However, this mixtape isn’t perfect. Many of the songs seem repetitive and the lyrics become dry. As usual, Ace’s production is A+ work, but if Ace wants to stand out amongst the big timers her must learn to create new themes for his songs. I have faith he can do it after hearing the heartfelt second half of it.

You can download “Starvation” on Datpiff. Give it a listen and see if you can add some new songs to your Itunes library.

Here is “We On”


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