Ad Age’s Best Place to Work List


By Meghan Crozier

Once again another person doing a write up about where to take your profession post-graduation. I know, it’s not sinking in for those of you seniors just yet, but finals are just around the corner. By taking a look at Advertising Age, there are various options for agencies while you begin researching and applying as well.  As a communications major I have found this website, Advertising Age extremely helpful in staying up to date with advertising news, company information as well as a direct source for career options.

Highly valued is “Ad Age’s Best Place to Work List” which has certainly made it’s mark within the communications industry. For the second year in a row, Allen & Gerritsen has topped the list as no. 1, demonstrating it’s one of the best agency gigs in ad-land. It has recently been getting ready for the big move from Watertown, Mass., to Boston’s emerging district near the seaport. This may be a company to sink your teeth into and start looking at for a potential future.

Recently picking up Papa Gino’s New England Pizza and the Los Angeles Zoo as clients, there is a prediction for a set hire of up to 50 employees in the coming year. This is extremely optimistic for the fresh graduates in the next coming months eager to get their hands into an already successful agency.

Andrew Graff, A&G’s president-CEO has a lot of input for the movement of the company and the direction that they are going in. For those of you students remaining in the area for the summer or for the next couple semesters, this may be the place you want to look into for an internship. Graff explains in an interview with AdAge, “Interns aren’t [relegated to] filing cabinets and coffee pots but rather are treated as real employees,” one intern wrote in the survey. “The intern program … really caters to enriching us with opportunities and realistic experiences.”

This is a great opportunity for eager and excited communications students looking to gain crucial experience from a well-known and appreciated agency. I recommend taking a look at this website on a weekly, if not daily basis if you’re interested in a future in the advertising industry. Certainly through graduate school as well this will be a wonderful source for all of your advertising current events.



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