Can Pinterest compete?

By Lindsey Jones

It is evident that people love social media websites. Websites such as Facebook and Twitter give people a since of unity, and makes them feel that they belong. These websites allow people to share their moments, pictures, and thoughts to the world. People also connect with anyone they could ever imagine through these websites. It is clear that these websites have unlimited benefits, but how will the world react to a new social media website? Introducing Pinterest. This social media website, different from the rest, gives people the ability to share their favorite items, dream rooms, and ultimately their personalities through what they pin on their boards. No matter the features that the website may possess, it is still a mystery how it’s popularity will stack up against the front runners in the social media race.

Pinterest is like no other social media website that people have seen before. At first glance, people realize this fact. To sign up, a person is required to request an invite. After they receive an invitation from the website, members can begin to pin. People can pin whatever their heart’s desire, and gives people the opportunity to be as creative as they want. Even though that this website is nothing like the social media websites that are out there, Yahoo said that in the past few months Pinterest has become the 16th most visited website on the internet.

Pinterest is mainly geared towards woman. In my opinion, this is the websites major downfall. Since the website is only appealing to women at this time, it is losing many potential members. Pinterest acts as an online dream board, showing others what people love and want. People try to identify themselves on this website by showing off their personal style. Pinterest also sparks creativity within women, showing off an array of DIY projects that they themselves can manage to create.

Social media websites are the reality of today. People crave these websites to keep them updated on want to know information. With a new website on the scene, one can only assume that it can not compare to ones such as Facebook and Twitter. Even though right now it has sparked popularity, it wont always be that way. Since the website does not appeal to all, people will one day forget about it, and it will lose its fan base.


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