Easter at Lasell

By Will Henry

The holiday known as Easter is celebrated differently by many of the students who take classes here at Lasell College. Many students go home while other students stay here at school. There are a number of reasons as to why most students, including myself, may have chosen to stay here at Lasell rather than go home to spend the holiday with their family members. Here are a few of them.

One reason as to why Lasell students such as myself choose to stay on campus for Easter is our weekly class schedules. Many students have classes the day after Easter that can complicate their plans to get back to school for their classes that could take place in the early morning hours on Monday. I myself had a class at 8am this morning which really drove my plans of seeing my family into a rut. I told my parents that in order for me to come home for Easter, they would have to drive me back to school on the same night. I don’t have a car of my own on campus that would allow me to travel back and forth from Lasell to my house at my own leisure. Because of that 8am class, Easter time with my family was a no-go.

Another reason for many students here at Lasell not to go home for Easter is the distance from their hometown and the college. Many friends of mine here at Lasell live out of state and when I mean out of state I really mean put of state. Two of the basketball players here at Lasell that I know very well, Brock Walters and Arthur Alexander, live down in Florida. Nery Guerra, one of the star Men’s Soccer players, lives down in Guatemala, so traveling home for Easter is way out of the question for him. It makes me feel bad that I only live 30 minutes from this college while other students don’t have that kind of travel luxury.

Another reason many students couldn’t go home for Easter was that they were athletes who had games to go to or had practice to take part in on Sunday or Monday morning. Athletes can’t miss practice and/or games of their sport for these kind of reasons, which is kind of unfair when you look at it.


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