Easter Monday?

By Alyssa Lajoie

As I was growing up, Easter wasn’t much of a hassle for me.  I woke up in the morning, ran downstairs to see my Easter basket and search for eggs, went back to my room showered and got ready and went to my cousins house for brunch and to spend the day with my family.

Lately, as I’ve gotten older and gone to college, Easter has become just a burden on my list.  For many college students and now that I think about it many professionals in any field, a holiday on a Sunday is incredibly difficult to have.  Granted, not many holidays are on a Sunday, but Easter is.

As a student, depending on where you go to school will determine how much time exactly you get off for the holiday.  Some classes give a full week off, some give Good Friday off, and some don’t give any time off at all.  Honestly, the Monday after Easter should start becoming a holiday.  People travel for Easter so they can be with their family and loved ones, and especially for college students they come home for the whole weekend only to have to return on the holiday they came home to celebrate!

There could be a lot of good coming from having that Monday off as well.  There would be less traffic, well, kind of.  There would actually be time to relax with your family on Easter Sunday and not have to rush trying to get brunch over with as well as other activities just so that the families could get home to get ready for work and school the next day, or like I said for college students, drive back to campus to be ready for classes the next day.

Many students who came back to campus yesterday complained about the excessive amount of traffic there was.  A normal 2 hour drive took close to 3 and a half hours!  Sure, there is going to be traffic after any holiday, but on a Sunday at  even 9:00 at night, it’s rediculous.

Can’t you see how much of a burden this Sunday holiday is? It’s time for the Monday after to be a holiday.  Until then, follow these tips to avoid the holiday traffic no matter what day!


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