Graduate School in Mind

Anthony Liberatore

This past week the Lasell College Marketing & Management club had another successful event!  The event was entitled Graduate School in Mind and featured one of the college’s management professors, Professor Loredana Padurean, as a guest speaker.  The main point of the event was to inform business students about the importance of attending graduate school, and what needs to be done to get into a good one.

Professor Padurean broke up the first part of the presentation into 5 sections: Who, What, When, Where, and How.  Out of these 5 sections, the one that sparked the most interest among attendees was the last one, How.  In this particular section the professor talked about the importance of standing out from the crowd when applying for graduate school, by offering a unique life story.

Most graduate schools require students to submit an essay that describes the kind of person they are, among many other things.  Professor Padurean made it a point to tell the audience that their admissions essays should paint them as unique individuals who can offer a great deal of leadership to the university they’re applying to, as she stated, “graduate schools look for leaders”.

Professor Padurean then went into the fact that all students have a unique story; it can just be difficult for individuals to communicate it.  She suggested that when writing your story, you should strongly consider where you want to be professionally in ten years and how prior events in your life have helped to prepare you for that position.  She also made it a point to state, “when you dream, dream big”, explaining that nothing is impossible and you should shoot for the stars.

Beyond looking at the kind of person you want to be ten years from now, the professor also made it a point to tell students that they should incorporate their passions, any community service, and international experiences, into their overall unique story.  She especially stressed the importance of having international learning/working experience and that all students should take advantage of studying abroad.  She explained that top graduate schools are looking for individuals who are not only great leaders, but have international exposure as well.

Professor Padurean concluded the event with an overall summary of the topics discussed and a general statement about the importance of prior preparation for future success.  She spoke about how its never to early to plan for your future, and if you want to be successful you have to plan ahead.

When speaking to marketing & management club members and other students after the event, it seemed as though everyone was satisfied with the discussion.  Justyn Loguidice, the treasurer of the club, stated to me, “Yeah, that was pretty interesting.  I hadn’t really thought about graduate school that much, but now I see it in a different light.”

That reaction was the whole goal of the event, to get students thinking about someday seeking a graduate level education.

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