NFL Nike uniforms, not so new

By Bryan White

Recently Nike took over the apparel of all 32 NFL teams, which until now was  left to Reebok. The anticipation by fans and players a like started up  speculation to how different some of the teams would look. Once Nike came out with the uniforms many saw them as a huge disappointment, and very bland. One of the only team to make any noticable changes were the Seattle Seahawks. Nike came out to say that though in some of the photos taken of the new uniforms it doesn’t show some of the major changes that apply to the player not the viewer. Nike wasn’t trying to add glimmer and sparkles to the new look of the NFL (save maybe the Seahawks) but more to provide newer technology. In the form Nike chose to make the jerseys with nine different materials to make it thermal and rip proof as well as making it like a second skin to steer away from weighing players down in different weather conditions.

Teams like the Green Bay Packers decided to opt out of any changes to their classic uniforms while others had minor changes allowed but nothing to satisfy the fans who imagined great changes. The Packers decided to even keep the tradition EXACTLY as it was before, meaning they didn’t even want Nike to adapt this new technology to their uniforms, every aspect of the Packers uniforms is the same as last year, mesh holes and all. Though its understandable that Nike would change things up with uniforms that help players play to the best of their ability without being constricted by a soggy uniform or ripped sleeve, the anticipation the fans had to go through with this change seems like the finale was a complete flop for everyone save any Seahawks fans.


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