RIP Mike Wallace

By Anthony Carnevale

Legendary 60 Minutes interviewer Mike Wallace died April 7, 2012. Wallace, whose career spans six decades, was 93 years-old. Wallace was a legend in the his profession, and made 60 Minutes a must watch for years. The news of his death has sparked an outbreak of several politicians and journalists paying their respects to Wallace via social networking. Of these posts some include ones from Anderson Cooper, Ann Curry, and Robin Roberts.

Wallace served as a reporter until 2008 when he received heart surgery. Wallace was the first person hired in 1968 for first 60 Minutes staff. The show however was not a favorite right away. It was not until 1977-1978 that the show reached the Top 10 and was a staple for years. Wallace was the face of the show for many of those years. It wasn’t until 2001 that the streak in the Top 10 was broken.

60 Minutes is credited with being a founding father in the surprise interview. Wallace was known best in his interviews for his “follow up” questions. He is also known for his tough interviews with Richard Nixon’s first aide John Ehrlichman during the Watergate scandal, and with his remarks to Barbra Streisand.

During his long career Wallace was the recipient of 21 Emmy awards. During his career, although it is known for his time with CBS, was not all. He also spent time as a game show host in the early part of the 50’s. He also did interview work for ABC in the 50’s. Wallace started his career at CBS in 1951, but it was not until 1963 that Wallace became a full-time newsman on CBS. Wallace was born on May 9, 1918 in Brookline, Massachusetts. He began his career in the 1940’s. He was also married four times in his life. His current wife, along with his son, stepdaughter, and stepson are still alive.


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