The gap year

By Justyn Loguidice

To take the summer off or not… That is the question. As I write this the clock keeps on spinning and graduation day is quickly approaching. While I feel that I am ready for the real world, here said situation only opens up a plethora of new questions and decisions. One of the major decisions I am faced with right now is whether or not to take the summer off before applying for jobs.

While I feel like I am ready to be a member of the “working world” , I realize that this is my last real opportunity to be a kid. As childish as that may sound, some studies have shown that taking a little time off before pursuing a career can be beneficial. I like the sounds of that. On one hand it will be a pleasure to start using my knowledge in something valuable, but on the other lies a mountain of the kid feelings that I still want to have.

Among these questions I have to ask myself is “How long do you take off” How long is this “gap year”? I have no real answers for it. While one side wants to relax and enjoy what little free time I have left, the other side is saying “You got a college degree to get a job, so do it!”

Overall I feel like there are opportunities out there and while sitting on the beach in the middle of July isn’t exactly putting oneself out there for here said opportunities, it allows for the quote UN quote calm before the storm. Once the working world begins, you are in it for the long haul. 50 hour weeks replace those meager 10 hours spent in class. We look forward to catching up on sleep on the weekends, not the bar crawls. Ask me today what I’m going to do, I couldn’t tell you, ask me tomorrow, results would probably be the same. It’s a situation that keeps me thinking.


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