World’s Most Photogenic Guy, in a 10k Race

By Alyssa Lajoie

A simple picture of Zeddie Little Running a 10k race in Charleston, S.C. has given his life a complete 360.  Little is pictured in the middle of the race, running, surrounded by other runners, looking very tired and sweaty; Little, however, not so much.  His hair seems to be styled perfectly, not a drop of sweat on his face, and his pearly whites shining brightly as he runs along with the others.

This picture was found when a South Carolina native, Will King, was looking through photos from the Cooper River Bridge 10k race and he happened upon this picture of Little.  He immediately uploaded to his Flickr account because of how much Little stood out in the picture and the fame came instantly.

A friend of King’s dubbed Little “Mr. Ridiculously Photogenic.”  In an article on Yahoo! News by Chris Chase he said, “photoshop him out of that shot and put him in a family photo at Disney World and Little doesn’t look any more ‘ridiculously photogenic’ than anyone else.”

So if this is all true, why is this picture along with Little himself getting so much fame from all of this?   It all leads back to how much power Social Media has over our society.  The minute an unknown face gets a little bit of attention it becomes worldwide “news.”

He’s popping up everywhere from Facebook to Twitter and even as the face of many new Memes.  There’s even a Tumblr page where people can post their adaptions of their memes where Little’s face is in the background surrounded by sarcastic and witty remarks.  Little is getting so much attention but in reality, this man is just like anyone else out in the world, but he’s famous for running a marathon, looking good, and being captured doing both.  Surely anyone could do that if they just tried a little!


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