Boston-You’re my home

By Justyn Loguidice

Many say that they will travel anywhere if a good opportunity arises. To be brunt, I am not one of them. Growing up in New England has become a way of life. This custom lifestyle though at times mundane is something I have no interest in leaving anytime soon.

Do I wish I had the ability to change the abundance of cloudy days, the 5 months of cold and snow, of course I do, but it all adds to the lifestyle. Once you really sit back and look at it from a New Englanders’ perspective, it sure is tough to leave.

Once I graduate my responsibilites will be to enter the working world, but this working world is not going to change where I am or how I live my life. Time will be less abundant, money will be going to bills, but I will remain entranced in New England culture.

The ideal situation is to have a winter home in a warmer state, but to have no residency in New England is just not an option. While many complain (including myself), there truly is no place like it. From the sports to the people to the lifestyle, it is all unique.

Whether you are taking a walk along the Charles, going to a Red Sox game, going “up north” to New Hampshire to check out the foilage, New England offers and array of desires, desires that I cannot see leaving. To grow up here is something that I have cherished, and wouldn’t be something that I would willingly leave from. A ten below wind chill battering your face on a cold winters day is all part of the glory (For the most part)

New England is not made for everyone, and I truly feel it takes a special breed to live and prosper in it. If you are one of the lucky ones that is able to have grown up in such an environment, think of all the positives, and admire the location surrounding you. While it is not always perfect that Standells said it best: “Oh, Boston you’re my home” .


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