Reduce stress: get a pet

By Alicia Deily

When many college students leave home for the first time they often report missing their pets the most out. As students move through their college career, move off campus and graduate, they may get a pet of their own. Is getting a pet actually beneficial?

I got my first pet on my own this summer when my roommate rescued a cat from her hometown. We named our new cat Babygirl. At first I wondered if we would have enough time to care for her or if she would have enough space in our tiny city apartment. I was used to my parents caring for our cat and being able to let her out to roam free outside. However, within the first few months of owning Babygirl I came to realize that I truly enjoyed having a pet.

After a long stressful day Babygirl is always at the front door waiting for me and following me around the apartment. She is also always the center of attention at parties and friends always  stop by to see her.

Studies have long shown that having a pet can be greatly beneficial to the elderly and the sick. However, recent studies also show that pets can help young adults cope with stressful or difficult situations. Learn more about the benefits of pet ownership as a student.

Both young adults and college students typically deal with a lot of stress. They often work long hours with little pay and must deal with school related work. Owning  a pet may be the thing to help relieve this stress.

Research also shows that pets can promote a general sense of health and well being. Taking care of another living thing can also be a way to gain more responsibility and learn valuable life skills. Studies show that people who own pets are actually less selfish. Read more about the benefits of pets here.

A cat may be a good ‘starter pet’ since they tend to be more low maintenance. A dog may be the pet to own when you have a more reliable job schedule. This is due to the fact that they need to be let out every 7 or 8 hours.

Here are some links to some ‘No Kill’ shelters in the Boston area. If you are living off campus next year or graduating definitely consider getting a pet.


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