Text and Its “Emotions”

ROTFL = a quiet smirk

By Zachary Gray

At lunch the other day, a group of friends sitting behind me were discussing interpretations of text messages. The debate was over the meaning of a girl sending “hey,” but with multiple “y”s. It may seem far-fetched to determine a person’s motives or emotions via text, but in a day and age where asking someone on a date via text message is common, it may not be that crazy.

My personal experiences with conversation via text start back in 7th grade, when I created my AOL Instant Messenger account. This was a time before I had a cellphone, so AIM was the place to keep in touch with a majority of my friends in school. I had to decipher the lol’s, omg’s, and lmfao’s and translate them to real-life human emotions. The longer the lmaooooooooo or the capitalization of HAHAHAHH, the stronger the emotion.

I would come to the realization that the hours spent on AIM would simply be a waste. “Friends” I’d talk to online or via SMS text message in the following years lacked the desire to speak in person. It was as if they were a completely different person online as opposed to the real world. In some cases, they were just bored at home and felt like wasting time typing on a keyboard.

After several years of meaningless conversation, I’ve come to the conclusion that trying to interpet text is simply illogal. The younger generations have lost their ability to communicate in person like normal human beings. Even when a person types “lol,” he or she is typically staring emotionless at the screen. They’re incapable of communicating in person and lack personality via text.

So the next time you or some friends are debating what “heyyyyyyy” means chick’s message, she probably really enjoys the letter Y.


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