Calling all role models

By Lindsey Jones

The popular book series, that has now been adapted to a successful film, The Hunger Games, poses many important questions and points. One of these important points that makes people think is about the lead role. Since the premier, many fans and viewers have been wondering why there are a lack of strong female characters portrayed in movies? This question isn’t too outrageous to be asked, seeing as most of the time the lead in a movie is a man, not a woman. Katniss Everdeen clearly portrays a strong young woman, but where are the other strong women in Hollywood?

Jennifer Lawerence, who plays Katniss in The Hunger Games movie, portrays a strong independent woman. Her character Katniss is a fearless leader, and a great role model for young girls. Even though Katniss tries to empower young girls, there are many role models that do the opposite.

The media realizes that the young, pretty, and party girl type women is what people want to see. In result of the media and the influence that it has, many young girls have role models that are nothing to look up to. With reality television shows such as The Jersey Shore, portraying women partying and drinking, available to young girls, it is no wonder why so many girls are growing up too fast. Now, with the character of Katniss coming about, is it fair to say that the media must portray better role models for young girls?

Miss Representation, a website dedicated to promoting media literacy among women says that at age eight girls realize that they have the potential to be a leader. If a successful and responsible role model is not available to these young girls, that leadership quality will quickly be diminished. Hollywood now more than ever craves more strong women roles like Katniss Everdeen. She clearly shows young girls that they can be just as strong as fierce as boys are. She also promotes more desirable traits that young women should strive to achieve.

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