By Bryan White

For any athlete and injury is the worst thing that could happen to you. Especially at the beginning of your season. I am now one of those unlucky enough to be dealt this hand. A week ago my team had a rugby match against Nichols college, which we ended up winning, but not before I would start the chain of events that would lead to my season ending injury. So I had made a tackle, and as I was taking the player to the ground I landed in an awkward position and my hands went to the point of pain which was my knee. Throughout the week my knee had a very slight pain but felt tight, I felt like all I needed to do was put some WD-40 on it and I’d be set. Though yesterday at our practice, the slight annoyance in my leg gave to a full blown injury.

My injury happened not even 10 minutes into the actual practice. We had just finished our warmups and moved on to our first drill. In this drill you have to move straight towards the defender, and right before you were about to go into contact with the you had to turn and pass the ball off to your teammate. As I was drawing the defender away from my teammate I turned and was ready to pass off the ball, when my knee just buckled. Right away a searing pain went up and down my leg and I knew I was done for the season.

After going to the ER my thoughts were confirmed, I had torn a small part of my Meniscus and would have to see an orthopedic and get physical therapy. Now to anyone this would be a set back, a burden and most of all an annoyance. To me its all three plus the added affect of a disappointment. For most athletes its injuries like these that keep them out for a time, make them completely jittery to get back in the game. In that way they try to jump back into the game before they are fully recovered and often hurt themselves all over again. This is what I worry about with myself, I love Rugby and the spring semester just started, for this whole winter I’ve been biting at the bit to go out and play and the first time I do I get injured. Now I know how my mind works and the second I feel I can run on it I’m going to want to go straight onto that pitch and start up a game. Though in this instance I am going to try and control myself so I don’t make the same mistake so many others have made.


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