My summer of 2012

Anthony Liberatore

It seems as though all my friends, who are graduating in May, are running around like crazy to find some kind of a job in their field so they can bring home a weekly paycheck this summer.  I consider myself to be a “go-getter” and the most driven individual out of my group of friends, yet I’m currently not looking for a job.

This may sound a bit foolish, but I’ve decided to spend this summer learning and living life to the fullest.  More specifically, I will be interning at a small advertising agency (non-paid), working in retail about ten hours a weak (poorly-paid), and then just simply enjoying the rest of my time by relaxing.  I don’t necessarily consider these plans to be foolish at this stage in my life, because I feel that I will learn a lot this summer and gain a better idea of what I want to take on for a career in near future.

I’ve come to realize that the summer of 2012 will really be my last opportunity to have a “summer break”, so why not enjoy it?  My senior year at Lasell College has been crazy, as I’ve had to get done a great deal of projects completed.  My mind simply needs to rest and “de-stress”, so that I can be rejuvenated for the real working world come the end of summer.

Some of the exciting things I plan to do include a bit of traveling, seeing some of my favorite bands, going to the beach and connecting with old friends.  I feel I’ve lost touch with a lot of the people I was close with in high school, so this summer poses a great chance to reconnect.

All in all, I’m looking forward to graduating come May and having a different kind of summer than all my friends.  Everybody simply needs a break at some point and life is too short to spend all of your time working.


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