So. Much. Work

By Alyssa Lajoie

It’s about that time of year again, final projects are starting to be due, research papers for classes are due, exams are right around the corner.  Students are feeling extremely overwhelmed.  Sure, you can’t exactly help that you have these large heaps of homework, but you can help the amount of stress you have.

Make a to-do list- Use your planner!  That’s what it was given to you for.  Write down when you have due dates for projects, papers, and readings.  Each day write down what you need to do that day and check it off as you accomplish them.  It’ll feel great and decrease your stress about all the work you have due once you check something off your list!

Plan your time accordingly- Have a big exam coming up?  A research paper or project due?  Don’t wait to do it last minute.  Use that planner and write down that you need to work a little bit on it each day.  Do you have an exam coming up?  Split up your material you have to study for over a span of days and leave the day before for a review of everything you’ve been studying.  Writing a research paper?  Make each day productive.  Research your topic one day, make an outline of what you want to write the next day, start writing the day after that and continue going with the days following until it’s due.

Keep organized- Make sure you know where everything is at all times.  Keep your materials organized in folders and binders and easily accessible.  Label everything by class and make sure that nothing that doesn’t pertain to that class gets into the mix.  This will help when you get back to your room and want to jump right into your work.  You won’t have to dig for study materials or a rubric for your project that you’re working on.

These are just three simple things that you can do to try and decrease the amount of stress students have right now with the end of the year winding down, but there is plenty more that a student could do.  Make time to relax and hang out with friends could be something else a student could do, but sorting out your priorities and being organized is the best way.


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