The Art of Kindness

By Stephen Brennan

With the 5th overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft the Cleveland Browns select, Trent   Richardson, former RB out of Alabama. This is what Trent Richardson is hoping to hear on Thursday, April 26th and finally fulfill his lifelong dream of playing RB in the NFL. Trent is the top running back prospect in the 2012 NFL Draft and his bulky size and forceful downhill running are very appealing to certain teams in the NFL. But, about a week ago this was not the most important thing happening in his life.

On Friday, April 13th, Trent Richardson had a couple more things to worry about than what was going to happen in the NFL Draft. Introduce, Courtney Alvis who is a 17 year old high school senior but, who is also a cancer survivor. Courtney had to miss most of junior year because of kemo treatments and there had been a lot of rocky times in her life. But on April 13th everything seemed to change when Courtney was getting ready for prom. She finally had all of her hair back, she was confident, Courtney was beginning to look like her old self, but because of the treatments she missed out on a lot of things and did not have a date to the prom.

That’s right folks, Trent Richardson took Courtney to her first prom. What a great night for both of them, Courtney won prom queen and I am sure Trent had a fun time answering everybody’s questions and signing all of those autographs. Trent was quoted as saying, “I’m not doing this just to make someone happy, this was my choice, my mother is also a cancer survivor so this is something that I wanted to do.” He’s an animal on the field, Trent Richardson might just be one of the nicest guys to ever come through the NFL, and would be the perfect face of a franchise down the road.


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