What can you do with $5?

By Abbey Daniel-Green

Check out who can make a music video with $5.

Earlier this year the experimental progressive rock band from Boston, Art Decade released a new album entitled Western Sunrise.  Art Decade’s single from the album also entitled Western Sunrise, made technology nerds and animators everywhere cheer.

Why? The recently debuted music video for Western Sunrise was almost completed created using a $5 Ipad application. Hired by the band animator and director, Alexander Whitney used the app Procreate to make a unique moving painting as the video for Western Sunrise.

In an interview with mashable.com Whitney offered some recommendations for other animators, “I really recommend it to anyone who does storyboards, concept art and animators, filmmakers, producers, whatever- this is the future.” (Alexander Whitney) It took Whitney four months to create this beautiful moving painting, using the Ipad2.

Aside from using Procreate the most amazing $5 app ever, one might say, Whitney also stated that he used a little help from other design programs, “I used After Effects to compose all of the elements, and also to create elements like the water, mist, clouds, as well as the final paint filter called Video GoghMocha was used to track the position of the character.” Whitney also revealed that he used a iMac keyboard when creating this master piece. With four months of basically finger painting on an Ipad, Whitney had to invest in special orthopedic gloves to protect his fingers from the long days of pounding on the keys.

With all this hard work, Whitney definitely pleased Art Decade. Lead singer Ben Talmi said “Whitney actually ended up surpassing what I thought was even possible.” With life like paintings moving simultaneously to the next Art Decade without a doubt have to give it up to Whitney for creating an animation marvel.

Want to see how he did it?


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