So. Much. Work

By Alyssa Lajoie

It’s about that time of year again, final projects are starting to be due, research papers for classes are due, exams are right around the corner.  Students are feeling extremely overwhelmed.  Sure, you can’t exactly help that you have these large heaps of homework, but you can help the amount of stress you have.

Make a to-do list- Use your planner!  That’s what it was given to you for.  Write down when you have due dates for projects, papers, and readings.  Each day write down what you need to do that day and check it off as you accomplish them.  It’ll feel great and decrease your stress about all the work you have due once you check something off your list!

Plan your time accordingly- Have a big exam coming up?  A research paper or project due?  Don’t wait to do it last minute.  Use that planner and write down that you need to work a little bit on it each day.  Do you have an exam coming up?  Split up your material you have to study for over a span of days and leave the day before for a review of everything you’ve been studying.  Writing a research paper?  Make each day productive.  Research your topic one day, make an outline of what you want to write the next day, start writing the day after that and continue going with the days following until it’s due.

Keep organized- Make sure you know where everything is at all times.  Keep your materials organized in folders and binders and easily accessible.  Label everything by class and make sure that nothing that doesn’t pertain to that class gets into the mix.  This will help when you get back to your room and want to jump right into your work.  You won’t have to dig for study materials or a rubric for your project that you’re working on.

These are just three simple things that you can do to try and decrease the amount of stress students have right now with the end of the year winding down, but there is plenty more that a student could do.  Make time to relax and hang out with friends could be something else a student could do, but sorting out your priorities and being organized is the best way.



By Bryan White

For any athlete and injury is the worst thing that could happen to you. Especially at the beginning of your season. I am now one of those unlucky enough to be dealt this hand. A week ago my team had a rugby match against Nichols college, which we ended up winning, but not before I would start the chain of events that would lead to my season ending injury. So I had made a tackle, and as I was taking the player to the ground I landed in an awkward position and my hands went to the point of pain which was my knee. Throughout the week my knee had a very slight pain but felt tight, I felt like all I needed to do was put some WD-40 on it and I’d be set. Though yesterday at our practice, the slight annoyance in my leg gave to a full blown injury.

My injury happened not even 10 minutes into the actual practice. We had just finished our warmups and moved on to our first drill. In this drill you have to move straight towards the defender, and right before you were about to go into contact with the you had to turn and pass the ball off to your teammate. As I was drawing the defender away from my teammate I turned and was ready to pass off the ball, when my knee just buckled. Right away a searing pain went up and down my leg and I knew I was done for the season.

After going to the ER my thoughts were confirmed, I had torn a small part of my Meniscus and would have to see an orthopedic and get physical therapy. Now to anyone this would be a set back, a burden and most of all an annoyance. To me its all three plus the added affect of a disappointment. For most athletes its injuries like these that keep them out for a time, make them completely jittery to get back in the game. In that way they try to jump back into the game before they are fully recovered and often hurt themselves all over again. This is what I worry about with myself, I love Rugby and the spring semester just started, for this whole winter I’ve been biting at the bit to go out and play and the first time I do I get injured. Now I know how my mind works and the second I feel I can run on it I’m going to want to go straight onto that pitch and start up a game. Though in this instance I am going to try and control myself so I don’t make the same mistake so many others have made.

My summer of 2012

Anthony Liberatore

It seems as though all my friends, who are graduating in May, are running around like crazy to find some kind of a job in their field so they can bring home a weekly paycheck this summer.  I consider myself to be a “go-getter” and the most driven individual out of my group of friends, yet I’m currently not looking for a job.

This may sound a bit foolish, but I’ve decided to spend this summer learning and living life to the fullest.  More specifically, I will be interning at a small advertising agency (non-paid), working in retail about ten hours a weak (poorly-paid), and then just simply enjoying the rest of my time by relaxing.  I don’t necessarily consider these plans to be foolish at this stage in my life, because I feel that I will learn a lot this summer and gain a better idea of what I want to take on for a career in near future.

I’ve come to realize that the summer of 2012 will really be my last opportunity to have a “summer break”, so why not enjoy it?  My senior year at Lasell College has been crazy, as I’ve had to get done a great deal of projects completed.  My mind simply needs to rest and “de-stress”, so that I can be rejuvenated for the real working world come the end of summer.

Some of the exciting things I plan to do include a bit of traveling, seeing some of my favorite bands, going to the beach and connecting with old friends.  I feel I’ve lost touch with a lot of the people I was close with in high school, so this summer poses a great chance to reconnect.

All in all, I’m looking forward to graduating come May and having a different kind of summer than all my friends.  Everybody simply needs a break at some point and life is too short to spend all of your time working.

630 Tarnished

By Stephen Brennan

630. When you read that the first thing that comes to your mind is just a number, and to most people it is a number. But today, April 13th 630 become more than just a number to Alex Rodriguez. He hit homerun number 630 today in Yankee Stadium tying him with Hall of Famer Ken Griffey Jr.  Yankee fans jumped in joyous, not only was it number 630 but it was also A-Rod’s first homerun and RBI of the season.

For many people this would be a historical moment, catching Ken Griffey Jr who is considerably the greatest all around baseball player of all time. But in my personal opinion his numbers do not mean anything anymore and he should not even be in the same conversation as Ken Griffey Jr. About 6 years ago there was a secret released that would forever ruin A-Rod’s career and anything he ever accomplished.

Alex Rodriguez tested positive for performance enhancing drugs or as we like to call them steroids. Lately the number of athletes testing positive has definitely increased with all of the medical innovations steroids seem like the logical answer when trying to come back from an injury quicker. But they are illegal to take as a professional athlete and since he tested positive his legacy is forever tarnished.

He should not be allowed into the Hall of Fame, they should even take his home run numbers out of the book and make sure nobody knows about them, just like they should do with Barry Bonds. Cheaters should not be rewarded that sets a bad example for all children growing up wanting to become baseball players. It’s time to lay down the law and make sure that everyone knows that this will not be tolerated. Don’t celebrate 630, destroy it.

Reduce stress: get a pet

By Alicia Deily

When many college students leave home for the first time they often report missing their pets the most out. As students move through their college career, move off campus and graduate, they may get a pet of their own. Is getting a pet actually beneficial?

I got my first pet on my own this summer when my roommate rescued a cat from her hometown. We named our new cat Babygirl. At first I wondered if we would have enough time to care for her or if she would have enough space in our tiny city apartment. I was used to my parents caring for our cat and being able to let her out to roam free outside. However, within the first few months of owning Babygirl I came to realize that I truly enjoyed having a pet.

After a long stressful day Babygirl is always at the front door waiting for me and following me around the apartment. She is also always the center of attention at parties and friends always  stop by to see her.

Studies have long shown that having a pet can be greatly beneficial to the elderly and the sick. However, recent studies also show that pets can help young adults cope with stressful or difficult situations. Learn more about the benefits of pet ownership as a student.

Both young adults and college students typically deal with a lot of stress. They often work long hours with little pay and must deal with school related work. Owning  a pet may be the thing to help relieve this stress.

Research also shows that pets can promote a general sense of health and well being. Taking care of another living thing can also be a way to gain more responsibility and learn valuable life skills. Studies show that people who own pets are actually less selfish. Read more about the benefits of pets here.

A cat may be a good ‘starter pet’ since they tend to be more low maintenance. A dog may be the pet to own when you have a more reliable job schedule. This is due to the fact that they need to be let out every 7 or 8 hours.

Here are some links to some ‘No Kill’ shelters in the Boston area. If you are living off campus next year or graduating definitely consider getting a pet.

Text and Its “Emotions”

ROTFL = a quiet smirk

By Zachary Gray

At lunch the other day, a group of friends sitting behind me were discussing interpretations of text messages. The debate was over the meaning of a girl sending “hey,” but with multiple “y”s. It may seem far-fetched to determine a person’s motives or emotions via text, but in a day and age where asking someone on a date via text message is common, it may not be that crazy.

My personal experiences with conversation via text start back in 7th grade, when I created my AOL Instant Messenger account. This was a time before I had a cellphone, so AIM was the place to keep in touch with a majority of my friends in school. I had to decipher the lol’s, omg’s, and lmfao’s and translate them to real-life human emotions. The longer the lmaooooooooo or the capitalization of HAHAHAHH, the stronger the emotion.

I would come to the realization that the hours spent on AIM would simply be a waste. “Friends” I’d talk to online or via SMS text message in the following years lacked the desire to speak in person. It was as if they were a completely different person online as opposed to the real world. In some cases, they were just bored at home and felt like wasting time typing on a keyboard.

After several years of meaningless conversation, I’ve come to the conclusion that trying to interpet text is simply illogal. The younger generations have lost their ability to communicate in person like normal human beings. Even when a person types “lol,” he or she is typically staring emotionless at the screen. They’re incapable of communicating in person and lack personality via text.

So the next time you or some friends are debating what “heyyyyyyy” means chick’s message, she probably really enjoys the letter Y.

Boston-You’re my home

By Justyn Loguidice

Many say that they will travel anywhere if a good opportunity arises. To be brunt, I am not one of them. Growing up in New England has become a way of life. This custom lifestyle though at times mundane is something I have no interest in leaving anytime soon.

Do I wish I had the ability to change the abundance of cloudy days, the 5 months of cold and snow, of course I do, but it all adds to the lifestyle. Once you really sit back and look at it from a New Englanders’ perspective, it sure is tough to leave.

Once I graduate my responsibilites will be to enter the working world, but this working world is not going to change where I am or how I live my life. Time will be less abundant, money will be going to bills, but I will remain entranced in New England culture.

The ideal situation is to have a winter home in a warmer state, but to have no residency in New England is just not an option. While many complain (including myself), there truly is no place like it. From the sports to the people to the lifestyle, it is all unique.

Whether you are taking a walk along the Charles, going to a Red Sox game, going “up north” to New Hampshire to check out the foilage, New England offers and array of desires, desires that I cannot see leaving. To grow up here is something that I have cherished, and wouldn’t be something that I would willingly leave from. A ten below wind chill battering your face on a cold winters day is all part of the glory (For the most part)

New England is not made for everyone, and I truly feel it takes a special breed to live and prosper in it. If you are one of the lucky ones that is able to have grown up in such an environment, think of all the positives, and admire the location surrounding you. While it is not always perfect that Standells said it best: “Oh, Boston you’re my home” .