Extreme Makeover Home Edition: A Materialistic View?

By Amanda Tyler

The show, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition that airs on the ABC network is a show thats main point is to find people with an unfortunate story or an unsafe home or both and demolish their existing house and rebuild the family a large, brand new home. Most of the time the story is tragic, heartbreaking and could bring you to tears, anyone with a heart would feel bad.

The house on the top is an example of a house the cast of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition decided to visit and rebuild. Before the project started, you can see the house is a small ranch. In the after photo you would not be able to tell that this is even the same lot. The new house is completely different and a lot larger.



Cameras follow the cast of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition for 7 days while the selected family goes on a “surprise,” paid vacation. The cast spends the 7 days demolishing the family’s house and rebuilding a brand new, extravagant house, consisting of large open spaces, amazing yards and at least one surprise along the way. The surprises could consist of famous guests, extra money for oil or groceries, cars and sometimes an “outside” company will pay the mortgage on the house so the family doesn’t need to worry about it.

Extreme Makeover has worked with Sears for many years now. In an agreement between Sears and Extreme Makeover, Sears appears in the show every week to donate appliances, tools, and more. An article focusing on Sears and their product placement campaign stated, “Not only does Extreme Makeover feature Sears brands like Kenmore, Craftsman tools and Land’s End…but the retailer itself is a character on the show, helping people solve problems and providing the good life to deserving people.”

If you take a second to think about the effects of these houses, the long-term consequences may not look so glorious after all. These houses are built for families who (most of) already have financial difficulty. After the cast comes and builds a whole new house, how are the families supposed to pay their mortgage on a house twice the size of the one they had before?

All in all the thought behind Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is a wonderful thought, but does anyone really need the huge houses and the extravagant furniture, the meeting of celebrities or a brand new car? How do families, who are struggling financially before the show, pay for all the renovations and expenses it takes to own and take care of a huge home like the one above or below? Share your thoughts!



How Real is Reality?

google image

By Tatiyana Smith

How real is reality? Many people have become addicted to the new television genre we know as Reality TV. Growing up, TV was full of family sitcoms that could appeal to a wide demographic.  Nowadays its reality TV shows with wild personalities that appeal to the high school and college crowd, as well as the competition shows that appeal to many different ages. Regardless of the audience, it’s ironic how appealing another’s life is to us.

Here at Lasell College or even on a train ride you can always expect to hear the buzz about what happened on last night’s episode of many of the reality television shows MTV, VH1, and my favorite Bravo has to offer. Speaking with the MultiCultural Student Union at Lasell College, a member came up with a list of the Top 5 reality shows they hear the most about on campus.

1. Jersey Shore -The fist pumping Jersey Shore Cast who swept the nation with their dances, mannerisms, and language.

Favorite Quote: “Are you DTF?”

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2. Keeping Up with The Kardashians – The life of the lavishing Kardashian family that go from LA to NY to Miami.

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3. Basketball Wives– The drama filled, glamourous wives of NBA players living their life out in the beautiful Miami.

Favorite Quote: “Your a non F’ing Factor B****”

google imagee

4. Bravo’s Housewives Series – Where all the drama happens. The life of different key families in New Jersey, Orange County, Beverly Hills, New York,  and Miami.

Javon Williams, a member of MSU very passionately  said ,” Housewives is the one show I hate to hear about. The worst conversation to sit in. I don’t understand how girls find that entertaining. Its the worst!”

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5. Dancing with The Stars – The ABC show that pairs well known celebrities and great dancers and challenges them to multiple genres of dance, eliminating the worst team each week as the show progresses.

Dance Team member Nicole DaSilva says, ” Dancing with the stars is amazing, I will stop everything I am doing, I don’t care if I have homework due in the next five minutes to watch dancing with the stars. And Ron Artest and Rob Kardashian are on it this season…its so funny and great at the same time!”

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There are many reality television shows out there that I’m sure many people watch and enjoy. As we watch these shows we sit and think, “How do they do that? ” “I wish I could be on that? ” “I would love to do that?”. Many of us also compare our lives to the personalities on many of these television shows. But one question we fail to keep in mind is how real is reality?