More than Food at a College Cafeteria

By Bryan White, Stephen Brennan and Charlie Dilella

Sodexo was founded by Pierre Bellon in 1966 in Marseilles, France and is now the world leader in duality of life services. It is located in 80 countries, and employs 391,000 with consistent yearly growth. Sodexo provides services to schools, universities, hospitals, correctional facilities and other remote sites.

The mission of the company states they, “believe that the quality of daily life increases the satisfaction and motivation of individuals, and thus plays an important role in the organizational performance of our strategic partners.”

In terms of continental revenue North America holds the highest percentage with 37 percent, followed by Continental Europe, which holds 36 percent, and finishing up with the United Kingdom and Ireland which accrue about 8 percent. The rest of the world combines to equal 19 percent of Sodexo’s revenue.  Among its recent accolades Sodexo Inc. received are being placed both the 2012 Working Mother: Best Companies for Hourly Workers and was featured on 2012 Forbes Most Admired Companies List.

The two social media outlets that Sodexo currently uses at Lasell to get in touch with the community are a Facebook page and a website. The Sodexo at Lasell Facebook page is set up to promote upcoming events, special menu changes, general information regarding the college, as well as posting photographs from past events.

Since the page joined the Lasell college network, all students are invited to events such as the Midnight Breakfast, OXEDOS food truck, etc.  In an interview done with Christine Hubbard, whose job title is formally Food Service Manager but she is involved in many aspects of the Sodexo program, we learned that this is the first year that the Facebook page was established and updated daily.


“I receive a promotions kit from corporate in the spring and fall that has major events to choose from,” Christine explained about how she chooses and promotes special engagements. She recently yielded the responsibility of updating the Facebook page daily when a promotion coordinator was hired.

The second way that Sodexo at Lasell is connected to students is through its website. The website is very informative and useful to students. Among the many features are menu details, hours of operation,nutritional facts of the food, upcoming events, and ways to contact to the Sodexo at Lasell staff.

After looking at their existing social media and online accessibility, we had some suggestions that would benefit Sodexo at Lasell, as well as some praises to what has already been done.

Our first critique was to start a Sodexo at Lasell Twitter feed. This would be very useful in updating students about the daily menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It would also help promote upcoming events or the new design for the cafeterias. A Twitter account would be also used to answer questions that students may have regarding the meal or respond to a problem faster to give feedback.  Currently the best way they are answering quick questions or suggestions is on a napkin board. Though the answers are promptly responded, if done electronically this could enhance the experience of connecting students and the cafeteria staff. Twitter helps any business stay connected with its clientele within seconds.


We also thought that using the newer types of social media such as a Flickr or a Pinterest account would be effective. Having these newer forms of outreach would give students a lot more ways to connect to the program.  Especially services like these which are mainly for image sharing. Both students and staff could submit their photographs and contests could even take place for the best weekly photos, for example.

We had no problems with the Sodexo Lasell dining website and thought it was very effective and easy to use. In fact Christine said that, “several students this year have been hired because of the website employment section.”  Also the changing of the meal plan process has gone on seamlessly thanks to the extra communication online.

One new detail we got from our interview was that a second promotions coordinator was being brought on for the new academic year. With this second coordinator on board, proper analytics could be done to see if these new proposed social media ideas are being used effectively and to track how many people are engaging through them.

From this critique of a corporation we can see that no matter how established the company or business, social media is important to relating to a whole new type of audience.  Christine said it best, “I notice that students pay more attention to phones and computers than signs in the café.”


NFL Nike uniforms, not so new

By Bryan White

Recently Nike took over the apparel of all 32 NFL teams, which until now was  left to Reebok. The anticipation by fans and players a like started up  speculation to how different some of the teams would look. Once Nike came out with the uniforms many saw them as a huge disappointment, and very bland. One of the only team to make any noticable changes were the Seattle Seahawks. Nike came out to say that though in some of the photos taken of the new uniforms it doesn’t show some of the major changes that apply to the player not the viewer. Nike wasn’t trying to add glimmer and sparkles to the new look of the NFL (save maybe the Seahawks) but more to provide newer technology. In the form Nike chose to make the jerseys with nine different materials to make it thermal and rip proof as well as making it like a second skin to steer away from weighing players down in different weather conditions.

Teams like the Green Bay Packers decided to opt out of any changes to their classic uniforms while others had minor changes allowed but nothing to satisfy the fans who imagined great changes. The Packers decided to even keep the tradition EXACTLY as it was before, meaning they didn’t even want Nike to adapt this new technology to their uniforms, every aspect of the Packers uniforms is the same as last year, mesh holes and all. Though its understandable that Nike would change things up with uniforms that help players play to the best of their ability without being constricted by a soggy uniform or ripped sleeve, the anticipation the fans had to go through with this change seems like the finale was a complete flop for everyone save any Seahawks fans.

Growing up

By Bryan White

Over the past few months I’ve realized quite a change in myself. No longer am I the weary freshman who travels into the city to wander about aimlessly trying to find myself. As a sophomore at Lasell I feel like I left that curiosity behind me. Though it’s not like I know exactly who I am or what I want to do, it’s more like I started to find the path I was meant to go down. Freshman year I did what every freshman does, missed some of my friends from home, kept in contact with my parents and looking to find my social standings in a new school. I feel like a lot of that changed very quickly. I think it started at the beginning of the year when I lost a friend that I held dear to me, and that loss made me realize how short life is and how a lot of my decisions would steer me into directions that would mold my life.

It was then that I started thinking about how these four years are really the only time I’ll have to figure myself out before I go into the actual work force and start my career. So I found that partying and things of that sort should start sitting on the back burner if I were to ever really succeed in my goals. Focusing on class work and deciding which friends would help me in the long run and to stop hanging out with those that could potentially lead me astray from these goals. Instead of using my parents and professors as a safety net I have steered away from that and used them as resources instead so that I could get used to the possibility that I may not have that option later and will be more than likely relying on my own resources and capabilities to succeed.

I always get calls or texts every few days from my parents asking whats going on with me and why I haven’t talked to them in awhile and I realize that I haven’t kept in contact with them because of my growing independence, not because I don’t love them or want their help, just because I need to start relying on myself instead of running to my parents every second something hard comes my way. In all I feel like now, in college and in my twenties is the time for me to start becoming the person and career oriented person I want to be, and to do this I feel like self reliance is the first step.

Anticipation for the Hunger Games

By Bryan White

Recently I have been hearing a lot about this movie coming out “The Hunger Games,”  seeing trailers like this set off my curiosity. Now after doing some research, I found out that this isn’t your regular cult drawing movie. “The Hunger Games” was first a book series and will probably follow in the lines of the “Harry Potter” and the “Twilight” following.

Not wanting to see this movie without really knowing what was going on wasn’t an option, the trailer left me wanting more so since the movie wasn’t out yet, I decided I could find the book online and read it, then go along to the movie and see how the two compare. To be honest the Hunger Games was a book I couldn’t put down, the story line is fantastic and makes me even more impatient to see this movie. The plot line is not simple nor relatable to anything other than gladiators.

The story is told in a post apocalyptic world known as Panem (which is where North America used to be) and it is a country that originally had 13 districts (states) but the 13th district tried to start a rebellion and was wiped out by the Capitol of Panem. So to make sure the remaining twelve districts would never try an uprising again the Capitol made the Hunger Games. For the Hunger Games each district must send two “tributes” between the ages of 12-18 to the Hunger Games (One boy and one girl) to fight to the death and be the one remaining (out of 24)  to survive.

“The Hunger Games,” is not what I would usually read to be honest with you, usually when I pick up a book and the narrator/main character is a female I just don’t end up relating and put the book down, but not with this book. Though their is some romance and things of that sort, the book itself is more about adventure and the mysteries in the world of Panem. Its a great book that I couldn’t put down, and that why I can’t wait to get the opportunity to watch it on the big screen.

Kony 2012, know everything?

By Bryan White

In the past week users of Facebook and Twitter couldn’t steer away from this video. The Kony 2012 campaign that has been sweeping the social network scene and many are calling it the new SOPA and PIPA experiment.

Though the real question is, does watching this video really get you the full idea of what is going on and what Invisible Children, the group that made the video,  is all about? The answer to that question is no.

Kony 2012 is ultimately an idea that with enough backing by American citizens (via convincing celebrities and politicians to share the video above and promote it),  the government will provide military funding to focus on tracking and capturing Joseph Kony and bringing him to justice for his wide spread murder and kidnaping of children to serve in his army . Now, if this was the only intent of the group it would be fine, but it is not and many people do not realize this.

Invisible children is one of those groups that is shining the light on things that weren’t really covered in the span of 30 minutes. In its post titled “We got trouble,” there is more to meet the eye on where donations really go to. For example, “last year, the organization spent $8,676,614. Only 32% went to direct services, with much of the rest going to staff salaries, travel and transport and film production.” Ultimately every ten dollar donation you give grants that only $3 will make it to the cause you intend it to go to.

Not only does invisible children support and help certain military (i.e the Ugandan army) but they spend some of the resources on them as well. “Still, the bulk of Invisible Children’s spending isn’t on supporting African militias, but on awareness and film-making. Which can be great, except that Foreign Affairs has claimed that Invisible Children (among others) ‘manipulates facts for strategic purposes, exaggerating the scale of LRA abductions and murders and emphasizing the LRA’s use of innocent children as soldiers, and portraying Kony — a brutal man, to be sure — as uniquely awful, a Kurtz-like embodiment of evil’.”

Kony is a horrible person as the video proclaims, but in that video Invisible Children is not giving all the information. Not only is that dishonest but, in the case of them taking donations, it is manipulative as well.

Before you give your donations you should know that most of your money won’t be going towards helping the children or stopping Kony.

Putin’s new presidency, legitimacy in question?


By Bryan White

Vladimir Putin was the president of Russia from 2000 until 2008, since he was not allowed to take office for a third consecutive term, Dmitry Medvedev became president in the 2008 presidential race. It wasn’t until September of 2011 that Putin announced his intent to run for presidency again after serving the past few years as the prime minister.

As of Sunday, March 4th Putin won the presidential election yet again to hold his seat once again for six more years. After Putin won, he addressed to the Russian public that with this victory they had beaten their opponents on “destroying Russia’s statehood and usurping power.” Plenty of Russians are rejoicing the familiar placement of power put into Vladimir Putin’s  hands once again, but their are also many who believe he was placed in power falsely.

Is Putin’s Presidential win legitimate?

Though many are claiming that their was extensive vote-rigging. Upon these allegations is that Putin claimed victory before even a quarter of the votes were counted. When he claimed this victory it wasn’t to a bunch of adoring voters and families with their children, it was to a crowd of workers and business people, many of which were ordered to go. During this announcement Putin had this to say to his voters, “I promised that we would win and we have won!. We have won in an open and honest struggle.”

A planned protest of the election is set for Monday in the streets of Kremlin. The opposition claims, “The social base of the protest is going to grow and Putin with his team did everything wrong to make this happen. He really helped us,” said journalist Sergei Parkhomenko, one of the leaders of the opposition protest movement.

“Awake” unlike other dramas

By Bryan White

The new cop drama ‘Awake‘  came out two weeks before its television premiere, and it’s not like its counter parts that have been around the block. Awake stars Jason Isaacs, Laura Allen, Dylan Minnette  and Wilmer Valderrama.

The plot of the show is that Michael Britten (Isaacs) is a detective who recently got into a car accident with his wife and 15-year old son. After the accident Michael moves back and forth in between two different realities, one in which his wife and him survived the accident and one where his son and him survived the accident.

In each reality he is seeing a psychologist and both are telling him that the reality he is in is real and the other is a dream. He distinguishes whether he is with his wife or son by wearing different color bracelets in those realities, for his wife he has on a red bracelet and when he is with his son he has a blue one.

The show makes you wonder if the character is completely insane or not, the other factor of this show is that Michael is a detective.  He lives in two different realities and in both he comes into play with his police work. Clues from one reality might help him find something out for the other, in a way everything is connected like an alternative realm.

Overall the show makes you think, it’s tough to grasp the story in the first five minutes or so but once you get past that you start picking things up little by little. In the long run, if NBC promotes the show well it shouldn’t have any problems getting a following. This show may have a chance because it has something that other crime dramas haven’t stumbled upon yet: the psychological appeal. They haven’t gotten into peoples heads, until now.