Full Contact Advertising

Social media advertising, for an advertising company


By Justyn Loguidice and Anthony Liberatore

When looking into social media and its outreach in this country, it is truly phenomenal what power it holds. For this project, we were given the opportunity to act as social media consultants. Through an external interview, we were able to derive valuable information from a company based on its current social media catalog. The company that we chose to look into for this project is a small advertising firm in Boston, MA by the name of Full Contact Advertising.

Full Contact specializes in creating brands to the fullest through a variety of platforms including digital, television, radio and print advertising. Of course, being an advertising agency, Full Contact has spent time in the social media aspect of business as well. Currently, Full Contact operates a fully-functional website, Facebook page, Twitter feed, LinkedIn, and Vimeo account. While fully operational in these facets of social media, the amount of focused attention to their social media outlets isn’t on par with many of its competitors.

We had the opportunity to speak with one of the founding partners of Full Contact, John Young.  John has the title of Chief Strategist at Full Contact, and therefore, was the perfect person to provide us some vital information in regards to their social media usage. John has been working in marketing and advertising for his entire working career, holding various creative positions and starting multiple successful marketing communication firms. His catalog of works includes worldwide brands such as Pepsi, McDonald’s, Disney, Sony and Budweiser. Overall John has been a very successful businessman and it was truly an honor for us to be given the opportunity to speak to him.

Founder & Chief Strategist - John Young

After getting the personal background of John and the company, we wanted to get a feel for how the company feels about social media and using it to self-promote your business.  John mentioned to us that, “Social Media is a valuable tool, but takes time away from our customers”. John felt that while there are tremendous benefits to establishing oneself online through social media, their time is solely focused on their cliental.  He then went into more detail on how Full Contact feels social media is effective to an extent, and is tremendously valuable when used for their clients. Internally, however, they are like “the shoemaker’s children” and have “no time to worry about themselves”.

Justyn Loguidice speaking with John Young.

John was able to provide us with some Google analytics in regards to their website activity.  Of the company’s web traffic, 51 percent comes through Google, 17 percent is self-directed, and the rest come from referrals (blogs, press, directories).  Full Contact averages around 400 unique visitors a month, 30 percent existing as return visitors.  About 30 of those customers access their website through a mobile device.  Visitors spend an average of 5 minutes on their site, reading an average of about 5 pages.

Full Contact's home page

Their Facebook page has 312 likes.  John mentioned that the agency only occasionally posts new content on Facebook and there often isn’t much sharing.  A vast majority of the likes are from employees, vendors, and clients.

Their Twitter feed has very little activity.  Currently @FullContact is following 29 individuals and has 265 followers.  John’s personal feed, which he uses mainly to connect with friends and former co-workers, has 1973 followers.

Although these are healthy numbers, John feels that they can certainly improve their social media catalog; believing that by successfully communicating themselves online they can generate more brand recognition. However, John also believes that “There will always be a human approach to what we do”. With this being said, we then began to converse with John about how they want their social media activity to evolve and what they ultimately hope to get out of it.

First we discussed what things need to be changed in terms of their current social media channels.  John stated, “We need to clean it out; some stuff has been around for a while”.  That being said, he felt that their Facebook page is probably maintained the most out of all their other channels and stated, “If you want to get a feel for Full Contact, go to Facebook”.

When it came to future plans, John was earnest in his response, saying that he constantly asks himself, “How will social media benefit our brand?” John wants to create an aura surrounding his company’s work and ultimately get the social media community to start socializing about it. This can be difficult though as they don’t have an employee whose job includes updating their internal social media channels.  The reason for this, as John stated, “it’s hard to fund…we need to see that it can generate results”.

John then went on to mention that social media itself, “doesn’t drive people in the door”, and that it’s ultimately their work that helps them to stay successful as an agency.  That being said, the agency does have interest in improving their social media handles, as John stated, “We’re doing it heavily for our clients, we need to show that we can do it for ourselves.”

To end this section of our project, we want to include something that John said to us that really struck home, and was something that in summation represented his overall thoughts when it came to social media. At a point in the interview John stated, “social media is prevalent, but the most important thing to remember is that people are the ones who will always be social”. With this statement it was clear that the company isn’t looking to use social media just to be social online; they want to utilize it to generate content that will break through the clutter and connect online users.

Upon analyzing all of these elements, we think GoFullContact.com needs to become the agency’s social media hub.  The agency’s Facebook and Vimeo accounts have links on the site, but their Twitter account has not yet been added. Twitter can be a useful tool when used correctly, so a link to their Twitter handle should be placed on their website.

The agency’s website is the first online channel that needs to be updated. As of right now a majority of their online connections start at their website, so it’s critical that all the information on the website is updated appropriately, especially the news section. Information hasn’t been added to the news section since October of 2011. The agency has a lot of exciting things going on, so they should update their news feed at least twice a month.

Beyond simply updating their news feed, Full Contact has to update their “Our Agency” page, specifically the “Our Clients” tab. The agency is working with some great clients that are not being represented as part of their client portfolio. There are also some former clients that are listed, which the company hasn’t worked with in a while. Full Contact creates great work for their clients and that work should be represented on their website. The agency should strive to gain permission from their clients, so that they can place more of their recent creative work on their website. The agency should also strive to make the work representative of all the different content that they can create. For example, the agency should add some examples of mobile creative content that they’ve generated for clients, as that’s where companies are really putting a lot of their marketing attention. When it comes to their Facebook and Twitter pages, more updates are needed.

Full Contact’s Facebook page already acts as the social media channel which gives individuals an idea of the company’s workplace culture. Due to personal experience, I know that the agency has a great workplace culture and this is something clients like to know as well. Happy employees are productive employees and Full Contact is full of happy employees, so they should try to illustrate that happiness even more on their Facebook page. This could be done in various ways, adding some new funny agency photos/videos, or sharing interesting and humorous agency/industry related news. The company’s Twitter feed is highly underutilized, as it hasn’t been updated since August.

That being said, Full Contact should not approach Twitter with the mindset that it has to be updated every day. Most advertising agencies update their Twitter multiple times throughout the course of the day, but that can just tend to generate a lot of clutter and wasted payroll. Full Contact should have the mindset of utilizing Twitter to capitalize on a really interesting piece of work that they have just created.

For example, during my time spent at the agency, the one piece of work that stood out the most was the video filmed for Safety 1st’s air protect car seat “Success Story”. This video featured a real family whose new baby girl, Ella, was involved in a terrible car accident, but was left unharmed because she was in a Safety 1st air protect car seat. This video is highly emotional and is still viewable on Safety 1st’s website. This video, even though it’s a bit outdated, is the kind of content that Full Contact needs to get the most out of, because it’s an attention grabber and something people actually want to talk about. It’s work like this that can go viral and attract new potential clients.

As the agency strives to better utilize their website, Facebook page, and Twitter feed to showcase their creative abilities and positive workplace culture, they should make sure that all video content is derived from Vimeo and continues to exist on the website for future views. The agency’s Vimeo account has about eight videos on it, but needs to be updated to show more recent content.

To organize and measure their social media efforts, Full Contact should think about using the social media analytics platform, Klout, which will ultimately help them to measure the amount of influence they have on their overall social media network.

The agency may also want to utilize HootSuite, which exists as a social media organization tool that allows brands and individuals to manage all of their social media activity in one place. This program might make it easier for Full Contact to have more consistency when it comes to updating their social media material.

If the agency does increase their social media activity, then they should keep an even closer eye on their analytics, stemming from platforms such as Google and Facebook. It’s through analytics that Full Contact will have a better idea if their social media efforts are actually paying off, because at the end of the day, they hope that the material they’re posting will generate more awareness for their brand, which translates into increased business.

During this process Full Contact Advertising was a pleasure to work with and as student researchers, we were able to gain a lot from the experience. The main message that we’ve taken from this project and working with Full Contact Advertising is this: social media is so effective because it gets people talking. It’s one of the best ways to start interactions between brands and individuals and can ultimately lead to generating strong and potentially profitable relationships.

Full Contact Advertising is a very successful business, full of highly talented and genuine individuals. If the agency is able to utilize social media to further self-promote themselves and get the most out of all their creative content, then it will only benefit them in the end.


Boston-You’re my home

By Justyn Loguidice

Many say that they will travel anywhere if a good opportunity arises. To be brunt, I am not one of them. Growing up in New England has become a way of life. This custom lifestyle though at times mundane is something I have no interest in leaving anytime soon.

Do I wish I had the ability to change the abundance of cloudy days, the 5 months of cold and snow, of course I do, but it all adds to the lifestyle. Once you really sit back and look at it from a New Englanders’ perspective, it sure is tough to leave.

Once I graduate my responsibilites will be to enter the working world, but this working world is not going to change where I am or how I live my life. Time will be less abundant, money will be going to bills, but I will remain entranced in New England culture.

The ideal situation is to have a winter home in a warmer state, but to have no residency in New England is just not an option. While many complain (including myself), there truly is no place like it. From the sports to the people to the lifestyle, it is all unique.

Whether you are taking a walk along the Charles, going to a Red Sox game, going “up north” to New Hampshire to check out the foilage, New England offers and array of desires, desires that I cannot see leaving. To grow up here is something that I have cherished, and wouldn’t be something that I would willingly leave from. A ten below wind chill battering your face on a cold winters day is all part of the glory (For the most part)

New England is not made for everyone, and I truly feel it takes a special breed to live and prosper in it. If you are one of the lucky ones that is able to have grown up in such an environment, think of all the positives, and admire the location surrounding you. While it is not always perfect that Standells said it best: “Oh, Boston you’re my home” .

The gap year

By Justyn Loguidice

To take the summer off or not… That is the question. As I write this the clock keeps on spinning and graduation day is quickly approaching. While I feel that I am ready for the real world, here said situation only opens up a plethora of new questions and decisions. One of the major decisions I am faced with right now is whether or not to take the summer off before applying for jobs.

While I feel like I am ready to be a member of the “working world” , I realize that this is my last real opportunity to be a kid. As childish as that may sound, some studies have shown that taking a little time off before pursuing a career can be beneficial. I like the sounds of that. On one hand it will be a pleasure to start using my knowledge in something valuable, but on the other lies a mountain of the kid feelings that I still want to have.

Among these questions I have to ask myself is “How long do you take off” How long is this “gap year”? I have no real answers for it. While one side wants to relax and enjoy what little free time I have left, the other side is saying “You got a college degree to get a job, so do it!”

Overall I feel like there are opportunities out there and while sitting on the beach in the middle of July isn’t exactly putting oneself out there for here said opportunities, it allows for the quote UN quote calm before the storm. Once the working world begins, you are in it for the long haul. 50 hour weeks replace those meager 10 hours spent in class. We look forward to catching up on sleep on the weekends, not the bar crawls. Ask me today what I’m going to do, I couldn’t tell you, ask me tomorrow, results would probably be the same. It’s a situation that keeps me thinking.

Graduate School in Mind

Anthony Liberatore

This past week the Lasell College Marketing & Management club had another successful event!  The event was entitled Graduate School in Mind and featured one of the college’s management professors, Professor Loredana Padurean, as a guest speaker.  The main point of the event was to inform business students about the importance of attending graduate school, and what needs to be done to get into a good one.

Professor Padurean broke up the first part of the presentation into 5 sections: Who, What, When, Where, and How.  Out of these 5 sections, the one that sparked the most interest among attendees was the last one, How.  In this particular section the professor talked about the importance of standing out from the crowd when applying for graduate school, by offering a unique life story.

Most graduate schools require students to submit an essay that describes the kind of person they are, among many other things.  Professor Padurean made it a point to tell the audience that their admissions essays should paint them as unique individuals who can offer a great deal of leadership to the university they’re applying to, as she stated, “graduate schools look for leaders”.

Professor Padurean then went into the fact that all students have a unique story; it can just be difficult for individuals to communicate it.  She suggested that when writing your story, you should strongly consider where you want to be professionally in ten years and how prior events in your life have helped to prepare you for that position.  She also made it a point to state, “when you dream, dream big”, explaining that nothing is impossible and you should shoot for the stars.

Beyond looking at the kind of person you want to be ten years from now, the professor also made it a point to tell students that they should incorporate their passions, any community service, and international experiences, into their overall unique story.  She especially stressed the importance of having international learning/working experience and that all students should take advantage of studying abroad.  She explained that top graduate schools are looking for individuals who are not only great leaders, but have international exposure as well.

Professor Padurean concluded the event with an overall summary of the topics discussed and a general statement about the importance of prior preparation for future success.  She spoke about how its never to early to plan for your future, and if you want to be successful you have to plan ahead.

When speaking to marketing & management club members and other students after the event, it seemed as though everyone was satisfied with the discussion.  Justyn Loguidice, the treasurer of the club, stated to me, “Yeah, that was pretty interesting.  I hadn’t really thought about graduate school that much, but now I see it in a different light.”

That reaction was the whole goal of the event, to get students thinking about someday seeking a graduate level education.

For more information contact Amy Alessi at Aalessi@lasell.edu.

Also, “Like” the club on Facebook: Lasell College Marketing & Management club

All about the music

By Justyn Loguidice

Who are your favorite music artists? This question is something that comes up so often, and I always seem to have the same answer. I grew up in a family where if you didn’t like classic rock and its’ derivatives, you weren’t sitting at the table for Sunday dinner. Therefore when asked this question by someone in my generation, they are usually stunned by the answer.

Currently. Hip-hop, country, rock, they have a stranglehold on the market for people of my demographic. While I can respect peoples’ taste in music, I have never taken the time to look into any of this new stuff because the music of the 60’s and 70’s is just too good to stop listening to. I constantly hear all the time “broaden your horizons”, “give it a listen”, but the truth is I just don’t need to. I have found what I like and I know I’m not alone in liking what I do.

Sure, the average age of people who listen to the music I enjoy is over double me, but do I care? Not in the least, in fact its’ a nice change of scenery and can actually spark some good conversations when talking to an older demographic. All the time I hear “wow I’m surprised you like him”, or “You’re the youngest one at this concert”, and I simply eat it up. So now it comes down to who are my favorites?

Let’s start out by saying that I definitely get this passion and love for this person from my father, who used to blare his music in the car, in the house, maybe even in the delivery room as I was born. The one and only Sir Elton John is bar none my favorite artist. His catalog of music is something that is unmatched by most, and is truly one of the greatest of all time. He has sold over 250 million albums, and is number 5 on the best selling music artists of all time only behind superstars The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, and Madonna.  He also places # 3 in the greatest artist of the 1970’s. Throughout his career, he has had 56 songs crack the American Top 40, trailing only Elvis in that department. Elton John- An amazing talent.

Other favorite artists include fellow piano man Billy Joel, rockers Tom Petty, Neil Young, and Bruce Springsteen. When it comes to groups, Pink Floyd is first, but there are so many great ones. Led Zeppelin, The Who, The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, I could really go on forever.

So it is clear to see that I may live in the past when it comes to my music taste, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Classic rock is relevant albeit 40 years later, and I am certainly thankful for that.

All Patriots, all the time

By Justyn Loguidice

I know it has been a recent theme in my blogging world, but what can I say? I love sports, and there is no team I am more entranced in my life than the New England Patriots. I feel it would be a crime for humanity (okay not humanity, but for Patriots fans) if I did not offer my opinion. With this being said, here it is.

Last week, I talked about the free agency frenzy in the NFL, and how many teams were capitalizing on players left and right. What I failed to mention in that blog was my favorite team and what they are currently doing. For starters, the Patriots have placed a franchise tag of pro bowl wide receiver Wes Welker. This guarantees that he remains in the red white and blue colors for this year.

From a free agent standpoint, the Patriots have been tremendously active as of late. Recent signings include offensive wide receivers Anthony Gonzalez, Brandon Lloyd, and Donte I ran a man over Stallworth. While one name sticks out of this bunch, they have certainly given Tom terrific some dangerous weapons on the offensive side of the football.

Taking a look at the Defense of the team, they have also made some moves. One of the major signings is Safety Steve Gregory. Gregory is a pro bowl caliber player, and should help provide serious depth on the team. Additions such as Jonathan Fanene and Robert Gallery should also provide much needed depth to a struggling defensive team.

While the Patriots have stayed away from the  media hype of free agency and the Peyton Manning craziness, they have certainly made some key additions. I know that this subject is a moot article to someone who has little interest in football of the Patriots, but if you have a desire for the sport or the team like I do, take a look. I’d love to hear some opinions on what others think of the forthcoming Patriots season.

Free agency frenzy


By Justyn Loguidice

The time of the year has come for free agency in the NFL. This is a crazy time for the die hard football fan. Getting ESPN texts minute after minute, seeing breaking news pop up on the tv screen, the free agency frenzy has certainly begun. All 32 teams are now turning the page from last season, and this is the first step into the new football year. Let the money fly away.

The craziness began this week when Saints wide receiver re-signed with his team for a 5 year deal. The next day, this was outdone by one of the leagues top wide receivers, Calvin Johnson. Johnson, whose is known to football fans as “Megatron” recently signed the richest deal in NFL history.For the next 7 years, Megatron will continue to play for the Detroit Lions. Now Detroit is still in rough shape from the economy, but don’t tell that to Calvin. His contract will pay him $132 million dollars over 7 years. In mathematical terms, this equals over $1.2 million dollars for every game scheduled to play.

The free agent frenzy to the average sports fan is mundane, but taking all things into perspective, there are many interesting things to come from it. This is the time where players resemble the Cuba Gooding Jr. in Jerry Mcguire. “Show me the money”, this is what it is about to players these days. Take into perspective that as this blog is being posted NFL teams have up to $120 million dollars to dish out. Take that number multiplied by all 32 teams, and we are talking $3,84 billion dollars that can be dished out. Talk about big business.

While sports are supposed to be entertainment and fun for all, they are an enormous revenue stream. Signing player after player, dipping into your checkbook to write the futures of so many, just another day in the NFL.