So. Much. Work

By Alyssa Lajoie

It’s about that time of year again, final projects are starting to be due, research papers for classes are due, exams are right around the corner.  Students are feeling extremely overwhelmed.  Sure, you can’t exactly help that you have these large heaps of homework, but you can help the amount of stress you have.

Make a to-do list- Use your planner!  That’s what it was given to you for.  Write down when you have due dates for projects, papers, and readings.  Each day write down what you need to do that day and check it off as you accomplish them.  It’ll feel great and decrease your stress about all the work you have due once you check something off your list!

Plan your time accordingly- Have a big exam coming up?  A research paper or project due?  Don’t wait to do it last minute.  Use that planner and write down that you need to work a little bit on it each day.  Do you have an exam coming up?  Split up your material you have to study for over a span of days and leave the day before for a review of everything you’ve been studying.  Writing a research paper?  Make each day productive.  Research your topic one day, make an outline of what you want to write the next day, start writing the day after that and continue going with the days following until it’s due.

Keep organized- Make sure you know where everything is at all times.  Keep your materials organized in folders and binders and easily accessible.  Label everything by class and make sure that nothing that doesn’t pertain to that class gets into the mix.  This will help when you get back to your room and want to jump right into your work.  You won’t have to dig for study materials or a rubric for your project that you’re working on.

These are just three simple things that you can do to try and decrease the amount of stress students have right now with the end of the year winding down, but there is plenty more that a student could do.  Make time to relax and hang out with friends could be something else a student could do, but sorting out your priorities and being organized is the best way.


My summer of 2012

Anthony Liberatore

It seems as though all my friends, who are graduating in May, are running around like crazy to find some kind of a job in their field so they can bring home a weekly paycheck this summer.  I consider myself to be a “go-getter” and the most driven individual out of my group of friends, yet I’m currently not looking for a job.

This may sound a bit foolish, but I’ve decided to spend this summer learning and living life to the fullest.  More specifically, I will be interning at a small advertising agency (non-paid), working in retail about ten hours a weak (poorly-paid), and then just simply enjoying the rest of my time by relaxing.  I don’t necessarily consider these plans to be foolish at this stage in my life, because I feel that I will learn a lot this summer and gain a better idea of what I want to take on for a career in near future.

I’ve come to realize that the summer of 2012 will really be my last opportunity to have a “summer break”, so why not enjoy it?  My senior year at Lasell College has been crazy, as I’ve had to get done a great deal of projects completed.  My mind simply needs to rest and “de-stress”, so that I can be rejuvenated for the real working world come the end of summer.

Some of the exciting things I plan to do include a bit of traveling, seeing some of my favorite bands, going to the beach and connecting with old friends.  I feel I’ve lost touch with a lot of the people I was close with in high school, so this summer poses a great chance to reconnect.

All in all, I’m looking forward to graduating come May and having a different kind of summer than all my friends.  Everybody simply needs a break at some point and life is too short to spend all of your time working.

Ty Burr at Lasell

By Lindsey Jones

Movie critic Ty Burr will visit Lasell College on Tuesday April 10, 2012. Burr’s presentation is titled “The Future of Movies” and will be sure to engage the audience with his experience and expertise of the journalism field. The presentation will be held in DeWitt Hall at 12:30pm. Throughout the presentation Burr will share information about technical and cultural aspects of film.

Ty Burr studied film at Dartmouth College and New York University. He then began his career in the 1980’s. Burr started at Home Box Office, where he helped program Cinemax pay-cable service. From there, Burr worked for Entertainment Weekly as the chief video critic for the magazine. Burr has also had experience covering and critiquing music, film, theatre, and books. In July 2002, Burr began working as a film critic for The Boston Globe.

Throughout his career, Burr has written three books. The latest book that was published, The Best Old Movies for Families: A Guide to Watching Together, was released in 2007. Burr’s other books were published in 1999 and 1998. These books are, The Hundred Greatest Movies of All Time, and, The Hundred Greatest Stars of All Time.  Along with the numerous amount of work Burr has done, he has also written articles for several major publications including the New York Times, Spin and the Boston Phoenix. Currently, Burr is a member of the National Society of Film Critics and The Boston Society of Film Critics. He also lives in Newton Massachusetts along with his wife and his two daughters.

This presentation is co-sponsored by the Donahue Institute and the Department of Communication. Students, especially ones studying communication, are urged to attend this presentation as a way to learn even more about the world of journalism. Along with Burr’s presentation, free pizza will be provided to all that attend.

Easter Monday?

By Alyssa Lajoie

As I was growing up, Easter wasn’t much of a hassle for me.  I woke up in the morning, ran downstairs to see my Easter basket and search for eggs, went back to my room showered and got ready and went to my cousins house for brunch and to spend the day with my family.

Lately, as I’ve gotten older and gone to college, Easter has become just a burden on my list.  For many college students and now that I think about it many professionals in any field, a holiday on a Sunday is incredibly difficult to have.  Granted, not many holidays are on a Sunday, but Easter is.

As a student, depending on where you go to school will determine how much time exactly you get off for the holiday.  Some classes give a full week off, some give Good Friday off, and some don’t give any time off at all.  Honestly, the Monday after Easter should start becoming a holiday.  People travel for Easter so they can be with their family and loved ones, and especially for college students they come home for the whole weekend only to have to return on the holiday they came home to celebrate!

There could be a lot of good coming from having that Monday off as well.  There would be less traffic, well, kind of.  There would actually be time to relax with your family on Easter Sunday and not have to rush trying to get brunch over with as well as other activities just so that the families could get home to get ready for work and school the next day, or like I said for college students, drive back to campus to be ready for classes the next day.

Many students who came back to campus yesterday complained about the excessive amount of traffic there was.  A normal 2 hour drive took close to 3 and a half hours!  Sure, there is going to be traffic after any holiday, but on a Sunday at  even 9:00 at night, it’s rediculous.

Can’t you see how much of a burden this Sunday holiday is? It’s time for the Monday after to be a holiday.  Until then, follow these tips to avoid the holiday traffic no matter what day!

Another successful Lasell Day

Anthony Liberatore

For last week’s post, I talked about the the excitement surrounding Lasell College’s Lasell Day which occurred on campus last Saturday, March 24th.  I personally contributed to the day’s activities by giving a speech on behalf of the college’s marketing & management department to admitted students.  The marketing & mangement department always puts on a good presentation, but this year seemed to stand above the rest.

The presentation consisted of seven different speeches.  Four professors and three students spoke, and everyone did such a great job.  I’ve attended events like this in the past and I can honestly say that the audinece seemed more engaged in the department’s presentation than ever before.  Each professor spoke about a different aspect of the marketing and management department, while we, as students, talked about our unique individual experiences.  I personally spoke about various courses that I’ve taken, my internship experience at Full Contact Advertising, and the Lasell College Marekting & Management club.

At the conclusion of the presentation, all of us were asked quite a bit of questions by the audience, which is a good thing.  There is nothing worse than ending a presentation with no audience feedback or questions.  The chair of the department, Dr. Nancy Waldron, did a great job at answering many of the difficult questions posed by the audience.  In terms of our student presentations, we were able to connect with various parents and potential students on a whole different level.  Being able to share your experiences with other individuals who may be looking for those same experiences, is truly rewarding.

A few days after the event, Dr. Waldron forwarded a few other e-mails that she personally received, having to do with the speech I gave.  The messages on those e-mails made me feel very good, as it is nice to be acknowledged when you give a speech that you put a lot of time into.  After reading the messages I spoke with Dr. Waldron, and if everything works out, I should be able to come and speak on behalf of the department for the annual open house event here on campus.

The hope is that by this coming fall I will be happily employed in a full-time job.  This should add a whole new perspective to my presentation, as I will be able to personally tell the audience how Lasell has prepared me for a full-time job in my field.  This will help to make the department look even better and appeal more to prospective students.

Get work done while enjoying the sun

By Alyssa Lajoie

It’s very obvious that since it’s officially Spring, Mother Nature wants to jump straight to summer.  With the weather this past week reaching a high of almost 90 everyone is itching to get outside.  Of course, for students and even young adults occupied with school and work getting outside isn’t such an option, unless they skip out on their daily tasks.  Well, times are changing and now there are simple ways that you can get outside and enjoy the weather while getting everything you need done, done.

If you’re going to take a break away from your work for lunch, grab it to go!  Grab a few friends and get your food, find a nice spot where you can enjoy yourself, put a blanket down and enjoy the day, or hour you have for lunch.  Picnics aren’t just for little kids you know.

If you’re a bit of a gym rat and need to get your work out in daily, take it outside! Go for a run around your neighbor hood, its probably better for you instead of being inside of a stuffy, sweaty, gym for an hour.  Go for a walk with your dog or even a couple of friends, it does constitute as exercise!  Even if you want to do more of the push-up, sit-up thing and take your work out to the next level, find a nice park or even somewhere in your backyard where there’s enough grass and do it there.

As a student class and homework keep you inside the library, your dorm room and classroom leaving you no time to actually start to enjoy the increasingly warmer and nicer weather.

If you’ve got homework that you need to get done, who says where exactly it has to be done?  Have to read a few chapters from a book?  Have to study and take notes?  There’s no reason none of this can’t be done outside.  Get a chair or even a blanket; find a nice place around campus that you can do your homework.  Even if you have to do work on your computer, you can do it outside.  Who cares if there may be a bit of a glare on the screen, you’re multi-tasking and getting everything you want done all while getting some Vitamin D!

You could even go as far as to asking your teacher to teach class outside.  Of course you may need to know your teacher a bit to know if he or she would allow class to be taught outside, but it’s worth a shot!  I’m sure the teachers would much rather their students be in class rather than skipping class and coming up with some excuse the two of you both know isn’t true.

There really isn’t any other reason that you could think of that you have to be inside on beautiful days like the ones we’ve all been experiencing, so pick your stuff up and head out!

Lasell Day 2012

By Anthony Liberatore

Every spring Lasell College holds Lasell Day.  This day is held for all accepted students and their parents and will be occuring Saturday, March 24th from 10:00am-1:30pm here on campus.

The day features many different events and allows potential students and their families to connect with faculty, coaches, and students.  Beyond meeting members of the Lasell community, there will also be an array of presentations occurring throughout the day.  These presentations will cover topics such as: Lasell College’s Honors program, internships, studying abroad, and the many different majors offered here on campus.  In-depth campus tours will be provided and there will also be various financial aid representatives available for questions related to tuition and other expenses.

I personally experienced Lasell day in Spring of 2008.  I really enjoyed the experience and it actually ended up being my deciding factor in choosing Lasell College.  I was able to go to a variety of presentations, but what stood out the most was the presentation held by the marketing/management department.  Not only was the presentation informative, but it gave me the chance to talk with current students and professors.

With that being said, I’m proud to say that the marketing/management department has asked me to be one of the students speaking during their 2012 Lasell Day presentation.  I will literally be in the opposite position from when I last attended Lasell Day in 2008.

It’s fulfilling to know that I’m one of the individuals that the department wants to promote and introduce to potential undergraduates.

I plan on talking about a number of different topics during my speech, but my main focus is going to be on Lasell’s philosophy of Connected Learning.  Connected Learning has to do with the school’s emphasis on combining what students are learning in the classroom, to the real world.  Lasell Day provides a great opportunity to really establish that philosophy with potential students and their parents.

My speech will consist of dialogue regarding individual and group projects that I’ve completed and exemplify what Connected Learning has meant to me over the past four years.  I will also talk about the most important application of Connected Learning, finding and working at a great internship.  I had a great internship experience last summer and would’ve never had that experience without the help of some of my professors.

I will ultimately conclude my speech by talking about my personal Connected Learning contribution to the campus, the Lasell College Marketing & Management club offered here on campus.  I founded this club along with a couple of other seniors and I’ve taken so much pride on how it has grown throughout my senior year.  The main goal of this club is to provide students with a forum for increasing their marketing and management knowledge through the use of real business world applications.  That goal falls directly in line with Lasell’s philosophy of Connected Learning, which is what Lasell Day is all about.