New Management, Same Goals

By Ryan Scerra and Anthony Carnevale

In 2004, Lasell College Radio (LCR) opened up and created a new playground for communications majors to get creative with. LCR has expanded tremendously from when it was just a small unknown college organization. The growth of this group has taken much time and effort from the staff, and it finally seems to be reaching new heights in publicity.

Much of this publicity is coming from the revival of their social media networks and constant on campus events from rappers, metal bands, dances, and contests. However, with time comes change, and LCR has some big changes coming as new station manager, Justin Miller, preps to take control of the club next semester.

Current station manager, Jay Gildea, has already been working tirelessly to create a larger online brand for LCR.

“Our whole social media profiles do need to be updated” stated Gildea, when interviewed by Rebecca Gooch and Kevin Paul last year for the same course Expanding with social media

Now with only a couple weeks left as station manager, Gildea must prep Miller with all of his last advice to help LCR retain its growing legacy. The biggest issue with LCR as of recently is they aren’t using their social media networks effectively. We recently sat down with Justin Miller for an interview to hear his opinion on LCR’s social media profiles.

“I am probably about 50% satisfied and 50% needs improvement. I don’t think the word has gotten out enough in the past about LCR,” Miller said.

Fortunately for LCR, the word has increased tremendously about their organization. Just recently a poll was put up on the LCR  facebook page for who the fans wanted to see open for rapper, Mason, at the annual LCR marathon Monday concert series. In a matter of four days the poll received 1,323 votes.

“We expected like 200 votes at the most for this poll” said Gildea, “When we saw the results we were blown away.”

On the Wednesday that the poll went up, the LCR facebook page had only 137 likes. Four days later it reached a new staggering amount of 363 likes. While most don’t find 363 likes a staggering amount, this is an enormous boost in motivation and publicity for the LCR organization.

“Never did we think that this poll would draw in the amount of people that it did” added Miller, “it’s giving us an idea of how we should start changing up our methods of promoting through social networking sites”.

This poll even brought some money in for  charity. A random poll voter, Yoseph Elfakahany, stated on the LCR page, “Vote for interstate Flamez. For every vote that Flamez gets, $1 will be donated to the American Cancer Society”. Sure enough Elfakahany posted a picture and he donated $375 to the American Cancer Society.

While the LCR Facebook page seems to be flourishing, the rest of their social media seems to be dying. LCR has a, a blog, a myspaceand a twitter handle. All of these get a minimal amount of attention and use.

We spoke with LCR’s social media manager, Bruce Martin, on the minimal amount of attraction. “It’s hard getting a new Twitter account off the ground and noticed. When we created this account we weren’t sure about how successful it would be.”

Unfortunately, the newly created account only has 74 followers and 86 tweets. How can the Facebook page be so successful and the Twitter account be so unsuccessful?

Perhaps it’s the lack of tweets. Martin thinks it’s the lack of LCR staff involvement as well. “A lot of the DJs get lazy and tend not to promote LCR’s social media pages. Everybody has Facebook which makes sense that the Facebook page is doing so well. Not everybody has a Twitter account though. Even if they do, not all of our DJs go out of their way to tell people to follow us on Twitter.”

Miller agrees with this as well. “I would really like to see more posts on the Facebook page by staff members. It gets neglected quite a bit by a lot of the staff.”

Maybe the reason for the lack of social media success is due to minimal staff promotion. However, things may change when next semester comes around. A brand new, state of the art, radio station is being built in the new renovated cafeteria, slated to open next semester.

“There will be three glass windows and four speakers outside the station in the cafe. People are going to recognize us more. People will be seeing what were doing. People don’t want to take the time now to see what’s happening” said Miller.

This new radio station may open up new windows of promotion for the LCR organization. People will like the new fancy radio station and will be curious of how it works and what it’s all about. They may even be tempted to check out the LCR website. This could be a pivotal moving point in making LCR widely noticed by more than just Lasell students. According to Miller, LCR is also planning on collaborating with the newly created organization, Lasell College TV (LCTV). LCTV and LCR working together effectively could create great opportunities for more promotion and bigger events.

The future is looking quite bright for the expanding LCR. When asked about the use of all LCR’s social media websites in the future, Miller explained, “I would definitely like to utilize the YouTube channel more. We only have one video on there. I  want to revive the blog and myspace page but they are a dying media. People wouldn’t check them, it isn’t appealing to people anymore. I don’t really see them being a big part of our promotions in the future. However, I see big things happening with the Facebook page and we’ll definitely work on making the Twitter page more interactive with DJ’s and fans.”

LCR’s mission statement states, “Our programming is chosen and produced by the students and is aimed to serve Lasell College students, employees, families and friends with relevant information and entertainment that reflects the needs of academia and community.”

At the end of the day, this is an organization of extremely talented and hard-working students trying to make a name for themselves through their passion of radio production. While work is still needed with their social media networks, take into consideration that this is still a very young organization.

With time comes change and with change comes improvement. Each year LCR learns more and more about what they can do in order to be successful.  Gildea has left a great legacy FOR LCR and is hoping that Miller can take the stage and make things just as good, if not better.

LCR just has to learn from their mistakes and learn utilize their social networking sites to their full potential. Once one can conquer social media, then one can conquer the world… Almost.

You can contact LCR or the manager of the station, Brian Wardyga, at their contact page


Gone Off The “Deep” End?

By Ryan Scerra

Former hip hop duo, Mobb Deep, seem to have finally lost all patience with each other. Co-founder of Mobb Deep, Havoc, just yesterday went on a twitter rant calling out the other co-founder of the duo, Prodigy, of being a fake.

In the rant, put together by hiphopDX, Havoc discusses how Prodigy had sexual relations with other inmates while incarcerated. Prodigy was serving a three year term for a gun-possession charge. He was released on March 7, 2011.

Mobb Deep is considered as one of the greatest hip hop groups in the history of the industry. They claimed this spot on the throne with their debut album, The Infamous, which is considered as one of, if not the best hip hop album ever made.

Now there is a massive buzz circulating around the internet today after the recent comments made by Havoc suggesting Prodigy having sexual intercourse with inmates while in jail.


Many hip hop fans are very upset by these recent allegations. Whether they are true or not is not the issue, it’s the fact that an iconic hip hop duo have officially became enemies.

“It’s a sad day in hip hop” stated Ghostface Killah, member of the famous Wu-Tang Clan, via twitter. Prodigy doesn’t have a twitter account but the news is sure to hit him soon enough. The question is how Prodigy will react and what will happen.

Havoc seems to be sending an open invitation to Prodigy to fight. My question is why is Havoc trying to start this controversy. Sure none of us knows what happened behind those prison walls, but what happened there isn’t news to share with the entire world. In my opinion Havoc should just keep his mouth shut and settle this in person with Prodigy like a man.

Fortunately for fans, music lasts a lifetime. All hip hop fans should feel blessed to have be able to go back and listen to the hip hop glory that is Mobb Deep. If “The Infamous” is not yet in your Itunes, you haven’t truly completed your hip hop library.

Hopefully these two can settle their differences. If not we still have songs like Shook Ones Part 2 for us to reminisce over and enjoy forever. You can listen to the song below.


By Ryan Scerra

Rapper, Ace Hood, 23, is building to his growing reputation in the hip hop industry. On March 30 he released his 11th mixtape titled “Starvation”.

Ace started his rise to fame in 2007 when he met with super star producer DJ Khaled at Florida radio station WEDR 99 Jamz. He met with the producer and Khaled asked him to rap over his famous track

Ace was then signed to the label “We The Best”. He went on to reach huge success and has released three studio albums.

Ace has had a steady career but has never had a huge “blow up” within the hip hop industry. Though rapping with big names such as Rick Ross and Lil Wayne, hood has never really secured a spot with the big timers in the hip hop industry.

With the release of “Starvation”, Ace plans to change that. The mixtape starts out with the inspirational “A Hustler’s Prayer” in which he describes his visions of doing bigger and better things with his rap career. He then gives listeners the usual “Ace Hood” type “hard” song with “I Know” and “We On”.

What makes Ace stand out on this mixtape is how the second half is full of meaningful and thoughtful songs. He talks about his struggles with family, poverty, killed friends, and his daughter.

The song that makes  people realize Ace’s versatility is “Hallucinations”. The final song on the mixtape is a song in which for the first time ever, Ace describes the impact the death of his daughter has had on him. It’s a touching, heartfelt song that many rap fans wouldn’t expect Ace to deliver with.

However, this mixtape isn’t perfect. Many of the songs seem repetitive and the lyrics become dry. As usual, Ace’s production is A+ work, but if Ace wants to stand out amongst the big timers her must learn to create new themes for his songs. I have faith he can do it after hearing the heartfelt second half of it.

You can download “Starvation” on Datpiff. Give it a listen and see if you can add some new songs to your Itunes library.

Here is “We On”

The King of Free Mixtapes

Spitta is building a name for himself as "The King of Free Music"

By Ryan Scerra

We are now in a generation of “mixtape hip hop”. Big Time rappers like Rick Ross and Lupe Fiasco and Underground rappers like Ace Hood are all joining the trend of giving out free music. It used to be rare to see artists giving out their hard work for free. Now, in an age of illegal music pirating, rappers seem to have eased up and are giving out endless amounts of free music. One artist in particular has used this to his advantage more so than others; none other than hip hop artist Curren$y, aka Spitta.

Curren$y, 30, has been in the hip hop industry for over a decade. He first started his rise in fame through mega star, Lil Wayne, after being signed to Cash Money Records. However, Spitta decided Cash Money didn’t suit his style and he split from the multimillion dollar record company.

After splitting from Cash Money, Spitta started pursuing his solo career independently. However, Spitta took a different approach. He decided to build his hype up through releasing dozens of free mixtapes. To this day he has a total of over 20 mixtapes. Each free tape he released was critically acclaimed by his fans. Slowly but surely, Spitta was making it on his own.

The bigger he got the more connections he made. He started his own independent label Jet Life Entertainment consisting of rappers: Smoke DZA, Big Krit, Trademark Da Skydiver, and Young Roddy. This label would start the movement that has made Spitta millions.

After dishing out all his mixtapes, Spitta decided to release his first real solo debut album, Pilot Talk. The album was praised by critics and fans. It was interesting to see Spitta to begin distributing physical albums. Now, in 2012, and 3 albums later, Spitta has continued releasing free music for his fans. Just recently he released the collaboration mixtape The 1st&28 featuring Styles P. He even said in a recent interview with HipHopDX:

“Not yet. Stone Immaculate. Pilot Talk 3, still thinking about how to do that. It might be free. I don’t know. That might just happen. That might be tomorrow morning. Pilot Talk 3 just be available on f******’ Zshare.”

His long awaited third album in the Pilot Talk series, might be released for free, just because Spitta feels like it. This shows and proves Spitta’s superiority in hip hop music. It also shows his constant devotion to fans by giving them the occasional free mixtape/album.

You can follow Spitta on twitter @Currensy_spitta and get updates on his free music and upcoming releases.

Take a look at one of my favorite songs by Spitta and hopefully it will inspire you to delve further into his discography.

Conscious rap is back

By Ryan Scerra.

Missisippi rapper, Big Krit, 25, released his ninth mixtape, “Forever N A Day,” on March 5. The highly anticipated mixtape is a follow up to the recent mixtape Return of 4eva.

Krit is known for his thoughtful and conscious rap. Though he has yet to release a debut album, he has three critically acclaimed mixtapes and receives universal praise from critics and his rapper peers. Most of his praise is due to the fact that Krit produces and mixes all of his music. It’s rare in this day and age to find a conscious rapper who has exceedingly good rapping and production skills.

Krit was raised in Meridan, Mississippi, where much of his country felt songs have gained their influence from. He began to create a buzz among the hip hop world after he released Krit Wuz Here.

He began teaming up with rappers Curren$y, Smoke Dza, and Wiz Khalifa as well as Jet Life Entertainment.

Krit was also part of the renowned XXL magazine freshmen cover. The best 10 young rappers are featured every year on the cover of XXL. Krit shared the cover with other acts such as Meek Millz, Yelawolf, Mac Miller, and Kendrick Lamar.

Krit is currently embarking on a college campus tour with fellow rapper J Cole. In an interview with Krit talks about Cole,

“He’s really like the homie man,” Big K.R.I.T. said of J. Cole in an exclusive interview with AllHipHop. “He’s been doing his thing man and he reached out cause the album finna come out, ‘Live from the Underground.’ He was like, ‘Yo come on out here,’ so I was like, ‘S**t hell yea,’ you know. It’s gonna be a lot of places I haven’t been before and its gonna be some fan bases I haven’t reached, so to be up out there before the album drops will be a blessing.”

Krit is known as a humble man and seems to be making an lasting impact on the hip hop industry. His debut album “Live From The Underground” is currently in the works. You can listen to Krit’s new mixtape here. Let’s hope for more Krit to drop before this year ends. Here’s his first and only single off “4eva N A Day”.

The Rebound of A Hustler

By Ryan Scerra

Jay Jenkins, 34, is currently prepping for his 25-city American escapade, The Hustlers Ambition Tour.

Jenkins has been criticized for his work ethic after his long awaited album, TM103: Hustlers Ambition, had been delayed 13 times in a four year span. Fortunately, Jenkins’ delays paid off with his fourth solo album reaching number one on the R&B/Hip-Hop charts. This marks his fourth release as well as his fourth number one hip hop album.

His singles “I Do” and “Supafreak” have been dominating radio waves. His third single “Leave You Alone”, featuring Ne-Yo, is slowly climbing up the charts as well.

Now with all this success, after four years of musical hiatus, Jenkins is about to embark on his next tour. He will travel across America through 25 cities, including Boston, Seattle and Las Vegas. A picture of the tour dates leaked online which instantly caused a stir among hip hop fans.

On top of all this current success, Jenkins is working on more projects, one of which is with legend producer/rapper Warren G. Hip hop news website HipHopDX interviewed Jenkins, “It’s just that whole era,” Jenkins noted.

“That’s what I grew up on. To work with those cats [like DJ Quik or Warren G), they really make music. When you sit down and listen to them tell you stories about things that happened with [Tupac] and the whole Death Row thing, it’s just inspiration. It makes you want to go harder.”

TM103 has now sold over 500,000 units and with this tour about to kick off, sales are bound to increase. Jenkins also just recently performed his hit song “Leave You Alone” on Jimmy Fallon Live. Many doubted Jenkins’ rebound to the hip hop game, but it’s clear he is making a statement to those who doubted him.

Tickets for the tour shows are ranging from $20 to $200 for meet and greet packages on ticketmaster. His two singles can be heard below and all over your local radio stations.

An Unhealthy Government

Michelle Obama convinces Mars Candy to ban king sized candy bars

By Ryan Scerra

It’s a sad day for every child and candy lover in America. King size candy bars have been discontinued to help promote a “healthier America”. Michelle Obama lobbied the famous Mars Candy corporation so they would sign her Healthier America agreement. Healthier America’s statement claims that,

“The Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA) is devoted to working with the private sector to ensure the health of our nation’s youth by solving the childhood obesity crisis. PHA brings together public, private and nonprofit leaders to broker meaningful commitments and develop strategies to end childhood obesity.”

Mars Candy is most well known for their candy bar Snickers, Twix, Skittles, Starburst, Milky Way, 3 Musketeers, and M&M’s. All of these will be lowered to a 250 calorie limit, according to Mars spokesman, Marlene Machut, who told CBS.

“The Mars company plans to stop shipping any chocolate product that exceeds 250 calories by the end of 2013 as part of the company’s “broad-based commitment to health and nutrition.”

I understand that America does have an issue with childhood obesity, but this is just ridiculous. The fact that the government has a say in what we are able eat is insanity. This isn’t a dictatorship a nation; America is a democratic country. Why should the everyday citizen be deprived of a king sized Snickers after a stressful day of school or work, just because our nation has a slight increase in childhood obesity?

Michelle Obama, I understand you are a loving mother of two- but seriously. It’s not king sized candy bars that are making our children so overweight, it’s bad nutrition choices on their parent’s part. That’s not something you can fix by lobbying.

All of America is sitting down shaking their heads. We can always leave it to the liberals to try and enforce lifestyle rules on our democratic society. Let us remember the good times we had with king sized treats. R.I.P.