More than Food at a College Cafeteria

By Bryan White, Stephen Brennan and Charlie Dilella

Sodexo was founded by Pierre Bellon in 1966 in Marseilles, France and is now the world leader in duality of life services. It is located in 80 countries, and employs 391,000 with consistent yearly growth. Sodexo provides services to schools, universities, hospitals, correctional facilities and other remote sites.

The mission of the company states they, “believe that the quality of daily life increases the satisfaction and motivation of individuals, and thus plays an important role in the organizational performance of our strategic partners.”

In terms of continental revenue North America holds the highest percentage with 37 percent, followed by Continental Europe, which holds 36 percent, and finishing up with the United Kingdom and Ireland which accrue about 8 percent. The rest of the world combines to equal 19 percent of Sodexo’s revenue.  Among its recent accolades Sodexo Inc. received are being placed both the 2012 Working Mother: Best Companies for Hourly Workers and was featured on 2012 Forbes Most Admired Companies List.

The two social media outlets that Sodexo currently uses at Lasell to get in touch with the community are a Facebook page and a website. The Sodexo at Lasell Facebook page is set up to promote upcoming events, special menu changes, general information regarding the college, as well as posting photographs from past events.

Since the page joined the Lasell college network, all students are invited to events such as the Midnight Breakfast, OXEDOS food truck, etc.  In an interview done with Christine Hubbard, whose job title is formally Food Service Manager but she is involved in many aspects of the Sodexo program, we learned that this is the first year that the Facebook page was established and updated daily.


“I receive a promotions kit from corporate in the spring and fall that has major events to choose from,” Christine explained about how she chooses and promotes special engagements. She recently yielded the responsibility of updating the Facebook page daily when a promotion coordinator was hired.

The second way that Sodexo at Lasell is connected to students is through its website. The website is very informative and useful to students. Among the many features are menu details, hours of operation,nutritional facts of the food, upcoming events, and ways to contact to the Sodexo at Lasell staff.

After looking at their existing social media and online accessibility, we had some suggestions that would benefit Sodexo at Lasell, as well as some praises to what has already been done.

Our first critique was to start a Sodexo at Lasell Twitter feed. This would be very useful in updating students about the daily menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It would also help promote upcoming events or the new design for the cafeterias. A Twitter account would be also used to answer questions that students may have regarding the meal or respond to a problem faster to give feedback.  Currently the best way they are answering quick questions or suggestions is on a napkin board. Though the answers are promptly responded, if done electronically this could enhance the experience of connecting students and the cafeteria staff. Twitter helps any business stay connected with its clientele within seconds.


We also thought that using the newer types of social media such as a Flickr or a Pinterest account would be effective. Having these newer forms of outreach would give students a lot more ways to connect to the program.  Especially services like these which are mainly for image sharing. Both students and staff could submit their photographs and contests could even take place for the best weekly photos, for example.

We had no problems with the Sodexo Lasell dining website and thought it was very effective and easy to use. In fact Christine said that, “several students this year have been hired because of the website employment section.”  Also the changing of the meal plan process has gone on seamlessly thanks to the extra communication online.

One new detail we got from our interview was that a second promotions coordinator was being brought on for the new academic year. With this second coordinator on board, proper analytics could be done to see if these new proposed social media ideas are being used effectively and to track how many people are engaging through them.

From this critique of a corporation we can see that no matter how established the company or business, social media is important to relating to a whole new type of audience.  Christine said it best, “I notice that students pay more attention to phones and computers than signs in the café.”


Tiger No Longer Has A Bite

By Stephen Brennan

Last Sunday Tiger Woods did something he had not done in almost three years, he won his first tournament since the huge incident involving his wife. Winning at the Arnold Palmer Invitational sparked a lot of interest from the media and other fans around the world and the most common question asked by everyone was, “Is Tiger back?” But one thing was for certain, with this win you knew his confidence took a huge spike, and with a rise in confidence you could almost bet that the whole world would have their attention turned to the Masters on Thursday to see if maybe, just maybe, Tiger Woods was for real once again.

Thursday afternoon rolled around as Tiger Woods walked to the first tee box hearing his named being announced and getting a roaring ovation from the crowd with the occasional boo from the irregular fan in the crowd. Tiger knows he has not totally rebuilt his image but he is making progress and winning tournaments is only going to help that. The crowd waited in silence as Tiger stepped up to the tee and the crowd awaited in silence, and in his back swing it seemed like the world sat still for a moment only to see him hook his first tee shot left. Who would have known this would lead to become a bad omen for the rest of the week.

At the end of Round 1 he shot an average 72, which at Augusta National is par. Still in the hunt, only 5 shots back of leader Lee Westwood it seemed that maybe Tiger was just getting his bearings under him and the next 3 days would be kinder to him, but that is where we are wrong. We are now sitting on Saturday night and Tiger is +3 after 3 rounds, 11 shots back of the leader. Tiger no longer poses a threat to win a major championship if he does not first fix a lot of kinks in his golf game, but most importantly his putting. Without good putting, you do not stand a chance in the major tournaments.

There may still be hope after all for Tiger Woods to succeed but it is going to take a lot of hard work for him to get back to the top of the pyramid that he was at during his prime. I am not saying that he does not have the abilities too, because when playing well he is still the scariest golfer alive, but at this very moment the Tiger no longer has a bite.

Things to do in the sun

By Stephen Brennan

As we are approaching the end of March and the beginning the weather around Boston has certainly begun to take a turn for the better. The past week we have witnessed all days over 70 degrees. Lasell as a community of people has begun to really come out of their shell and your starting to see a lot more kids outside of their houses doing different activities. But people still ask, what is there to do around Lasell.

When it comes to sporting activities there are several different sports that you could be playing outside in this weather right now. For one, basketball is the perfect sport to be playing in this weather. Grab a group of friends, get a ball, and walk out to the outdoor courts by the campus center and run some pick up games. You could also just grab one friend and get a pair of baseball gloves and get out there and throw the baseball around. You can also walk over to the turf and play some lacrosse or soccer with a group of friends. But the sport that seems to be taking over Lasell is ultimate Frisbee. Frisbee is the perfect sport to play with a group of friends and guarantees a great time.

But if your not into sports, then there are other things that you can do. Looking around Lasell there are a lot of girls tanning outside of their buildings and trying to get that summer color. You could also go on a walk to Shaws or just around Newton, since around this time of year it is absolutely beautiful. There are a lot of things to be done around this time of year, different sports and other activities. But no matter what you do during this time, make sure that you are spending it with your friends.

Baseball Season at Lasell

By Stephen Brennan

On March 11th, 2012 the Lasell College baseball team will finally take the field after all of their hard work and off-season training. The team kicks off their season against Monmouth College.  The game is being played in Fort Myers, Florida. The team will then proceed to play 10 games the following week, during spring break. These games are set to kick off the season and count towards their total wins and losses but will not affect anything that happens during conference play.  Conference games are the main indicator for whether the team makes the post-season or not.

The Lasell Lasers are coming off a 21-15 season and finished 8-6 in conference play. They are also coming off a semi final appearance in the conference tournament where they were beaten by Suffolk College 10-6. When speaking to freshman shortstop A.J. McKenzie, he said, “the team looks really focused this year, like they are out there on a mission to prove, and so far that mission is to win the conference tournament.”

A conference tournament win would do wonders for the team, but that is a long way away.  They currently have to focus on the games ahead and as of right now they have 10 games in 7 days in Fort Myers, Florida. The team will depart early Saturday morning to fly down to their hotel in Florida and get ready for the double header against Monmouth College on Sunday.  According to McKenzie, “This win could really get the season started in the right direction, no better feeling than being able to go out and get a win to begin your season.”

All eyes will be on the baseball team after the problems that they have experienced on campus the past couple weeks and it will be important to see if they can put it behind them and just focus on the task at hand; to win baseball games. The team has very high expectations and they seem to be handling it very well.

Lasell basketball to the conference semifinals

By Stephen Brennan

As the clock winded down on Tuesday night, you could see the emotion go from cheek to cheek on the Lasell Basketball players as they realized they had just won their first conference tournament game as a collective group. Lasell College defeated Emmanuel College 80-73 at home. After the game was tied at 40 a piece at halftime, Lasell took the little control that they could in the second half and fought their way to a much deserved victory. With this win, the Lasell men move onto to the semifinals conference tournament game against #1 seed and the #23 team in the nation Albertus Magnus College.

In the biggest game of the season, Lasell got the most out of their players that they could. Javon Williams was the leading scorer with 25 points, but he got a lot of help especially from sophomore bench star Ernest McNeil who had 11 points and 12 rebounds, his first double double of the season. Although Javon was without a doubt the leading scorer it was a team effort. They could not have won the game without every ounce of help they got from every player that stepped on to the court that night. This was a much needed win for the team and the program. The team leap frogged from 10th to 4th position in the conference standings.

The Lasell fan base came out in bunches Tuesday night tosupport of their home basketball team as well, and the crowd had a huge effect on the game. When there was a run, the crowd would get wild and it would rattle Emmanuel College. The next time Lasell plays is Thursday night. The team goes in with nothing to lose and everything to win, and they will without a doubt play their hearts out in order to advance to the conference championship game.

Taking on Albertus Magnus

By Stephen Brennan

On Saturday, at 3 pm the men’s basketball team of Lasell College will be hosting the men’s basketball team of Albertus Magnus College. Lasell has improved greatly, moving to a 10-12 record and 9-6 in conference play this year. They are fourth in their respective conference right now.

This Saturday is a big game day for Lasell College, since they’ll be playing the number one team in the conference. Albertus Magnus is 21-1 and 15-0 in conference play, and has moved into the top 25 in the nation for division three men’s basketball for the first time in school history.

When I asked the team’s starting point guard, Arthur Alexander, about the significance of this game, he responded by saying it would be big.

“This could be a huge turning point near the end of the season for us. We could use this win to propel us through the conference tournament and even into the Division three tournament.”

Any win right now would be a special confidence boost for the team and could greatly benefit them down the road, especially against one of the top 25 teams in the nation. It would help Lasell make the division three tournament for the first time in school history. But to get this win at home, they are going to need a lot of help from the home crowd.

At the last home game against rival Mount Ida, the Lasell student body came out in large numbers. For the school white out against Mount Ida the crowd played a huge role. Alexander said, “there really are no words to describe what it’s like to play in front of a crowd like that. It gets you more motivated than anything in the world because you do not want to let down the fans.”

Lasell College will hopefully bring the same enthusiasm to the game on Saturday to root on against Albertus Magnus.